How music helps in dealing with psychological stress?

Music has a long history, dating hundreds of years back. While the form might be different from what it is now, yet it continued to exist in one way or the other. It has become one important of our lives and there remains no escaping.

Ask anyone what they like most about music and you will receive a number of answers. Some would respond to just liking the tune of the song. While for others it is a great way to enhance your mood. Let us focus on the latter part for the time being.

It is now widely believed that music has positive effects on a person’s mood. Supported by several research studies, it is an interesting point to consider. Experts have tried examining the relationship between mood boosting and music.  One such effort comes from scientists associated with the American Music Therapy Association.

The Health Benefits of Music

You might possibly wonder about the healing effects of music. For certainly, listening to songs is a wonderful feeling to have yet not a lot of people are aware of other benefits that might tag along. Using music for therapy is now long considered as a viable practice that has in fact revealed surprising results.

The report documented in the American Music Therapy Association provides us with some valuable insight. According to AMTA, music can help a person attain goals of managing stress, improving memory and most important overcoming pain.

People have generally been sceptical about the link between alleviating pain and music. However, there does remain a relationship between the two. A study conducted and published in The Lancet found that people who exposed themselves to music after undergoing surgery reported a decrease in the intensity of their pain.  They were able to cope with the situation in a far meaningful manner than they would have otherwise. Interestingly, enough the results were rather surprising for the surgeons who had previously decided on the use of medication.

Surgeons in the US now have started recommending music to their patients post-surgery. They feel that pain has a strong connection with the mental ability of the person. In simple words, the experience of pain is somewhat psychological as well. Music, henceforth, is able to deal with the situation by allowing the person to feel at relative ease. Subsequently, the calming effect induced helps to lower the psychological experience of pain.

Enhancing Mood

If you feel bummed out then you might just re-consider listening to music. According to a number of research studies, using this approach can possibly be of a great benefit for you and your mind.

It is, in fact, a therapeutic measure bringing excess levels of stress down. The scientific explanation for such a phenomenon is simple enough. Music induces the secretion of serotonin that is responsible for allowing the person to experience a state of calmness. Serotonin, if you might have not known, is the happy chemical, that can viably enhance one’s mood.

In conclusion, this article has highlighted some potential health benefits of music that one can make use of. From general catharsis to being fresh in mind, music will touch everyone in one way or the other.



Areeba Hussain

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