According to science, our lymph nodes are responsible for clearing out our waste. These nodes together make up a system called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system cleanses our metabolism. The body is making up waste all the time. There must be a way to clear out this waste.

The waste proteins and substances drain out of our blood. This gives us a clean system. The waste is toxic. The toxicity can be dangerous for the vital organs. So, the body has to remove the waste.

All organs have lymphatic system for this task. The lymphatic system takes out all the waste substances from the organs. This detoxifies the organs. However, the brain has a different cleaning system. This cleaning system is known as the glymphatic system. The glymphatic system clears out the waste around the brain. The waste protein that gets built up is removed. It increases the working capacity of the brain.

Scientists searched on the working capacity of the brain. They have found that it’s best when the glymphatic system is working efficiently. Glymphatic system works the best during sleep. It efficiently removes the impurity. The impurity majorly consists of waste protein. Glymphatic system is responsible for removing it. When we are sleeping, it works best.

Different stages of sleep induce different wavelengths on the brain. These wavelengths help the glymphatic system to adjust accordingly. Deepest sleep induces the longest wavelength. This wavelength is responsible for optimum functioning of glymphatic system. The glymphatic system works the best in deep sleep. This system cleanses out the fluid known as cerebrospinal fluid. The protein is present in this fluid. This fluid is around the brain. Sleeping well is good for the brain. People who sleep less cannot perform mental functions properly.

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are also linked to glymphatic system

Alzheimer’s disease is also connected to poor detoxification of the brain. It means that if the brain is not clean, it can cause the disease. The disease is difficult to evaluate. But a recent study suggests sleep has a lot to do with it. Dementia is also linked with poor detoxification of the brain. We should sleep well. It will minimize our chances to get dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. So sleeping well is also good for increasing our memory.

The University of Helsinki, University of Rochester and the University of Copenhagen conducted this study. This study also makes way for new treatment. We can manipulate brain functioning by sleep. Inducing deep sleep can help us in the future. It will help us be safe from memory loss. It can even reverse memory loss. We have to find more evidence of this. But it has opened new pathways for further research



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