How common is sudden cardiac death in young individuals?

Heart attacks, once considered as a part of “old man’s disorder”, are gradually occurring in younger individuals. Usually, heart attacks are thought to affect people over the age of 50. But, actually, it can occur at any age.

In reality, around 8 in every 100 heart attacks happen in those under 55. And 1 in 4 heart problems in women affects an under-60. They are also twice more probable to be lethal in young women than young men, often for the reason that they are missed until too late.

Keeping energetic and active help keep your heart fit. Moreover, being physically active can decrease your chance of stroke or heart disease by up to 50%. This is a fantastic motivation for people to get active.

Moreover, a regular workout can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower your blood pressure, and help control weight. It also improves your overall health and well-being.

Physically active individuals (more than 5 hours of strong exercise a week) may develop an athlete’s heart (athletic heart syndrome). This is a typical physical change in their heart which takes place over time due to exercise.

In response to it, the heart becomes distended and beats more gradually, pumping more blood each time it beats. There is no requirement of treatment for people with athletic heart syndrome. Furthermore, it does not pose any bodily threats to the athlete.

However, the occurrence of these signs (slow heartbeat and an enlarged heart) in a non-athletic person needed to be investigated thoroughly.

Sudden cardiac death in athletes

Sudden cardiac death is natural death from a cardiac arrest (the heart-stopping) which is unexpected, and typically it occurs during a workout.

Generally, it is caused by either hereditary heart disease or cardiovascular disorder even if an individual is physically healthy.

It is significant to recollect that sudden cardiac death is very rare. But if you are worried, please consult with your doctor to prevent any kind of heart disease. This is particularly vital if there is any family history of cardiac complications or unexplained collapses.

Often, there are no previous symptoms but there does seem to be an association in some athletes who practice fainting or near fainting during a workout. If you have any case like this or you are disturbed kindly consult your physician for advice.

For almost all people, the regular workout is very useful to the health of the heart, causing better heart health. Thus, preventing from different heart diseases. However, it has been found that anyone who suffer sudden cardiac death, heart disorder can affect the young as well, so it is vital to be aware of the signs and symptoms.

Preventing heart attacks in young people

The prevention of heart attack in young individuals is the same as for older. For instance, weight control, better diet, regular exercise, routine check-ups, and smoking cessation.

Further then, many health representatives are calling for the high standard of cardiac screening for high school athletes. This would comprise an analysis of the young individual’s an athlete’s cardiac risk factors, heart-related symptoms, blood pressure, family history, and other in-office exams.

The assessment is meant to flag persons who are in need of referrals to a cardiologist for further testing, including an electrocardiogram (ECG) or cardiac ultrasound.



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