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Going to Mexico for Spring Break? Here are the health concerns you should keep in mind

Spring break is just around the corner, The extremities of the cold have lessened down and there could be no better opportunity to plan out a vacation with your family or friends. Most of you, like thousands of other Americans, will decide to go to Mexico. It’s near the States, has beautiful sceneries to offer and above all: great food & bars!

If you are among the thousands of such Americans, you still need to keep some important guidelines in mind. These guidelines have been released by the US health authorities who have in a way alerted the citizens. Considering them will be fot your own good.

So, what are actually these guidelines?

High Medical Costs

This may not worry you to a great extent but still remains a vital concern for a lot of people. In any way, if you happen to fall sick, do not expect to avail cheap Mexican health services. Certainly, because they aren’t as cheap as you possibly might think them to be.

Hospital costs can go up to thousands of US dollars if not hundred. The medicines might be considerably expensive than the price charge in the States. This holds true particularly for places like Mexico City and Guaymas. For lesser populated cities, the situation is also not that fortunate. The medications available may not be branded and the alternatives are likely to be of substandard quality.

What’s the solution out?

While as mentioned earlier, this problem should not worry you so much. If your health insurance covers foreign medical bills that include Mexico, then you are free to go. For people without any insurance, this concern may ring a bell in their ears.

Unregulated Alcohol in Mexico

The more serious concerns for US tourists visiting Mexico is the supply of unregulated alcohol in various parts of the country. The US embassy has received numerous complaints where tourists have felt either ill or unconscious after a night of drinking.

Subsequently, after the complaints were dispatched, the authorities stepped into action. According to US Health officials, most of the alcohol supplied in Mexico is counterfeited and of low-quality liquor. There is simply no process of regulating the supply which would ensure the safety of the drinkers.

If you happen to fall ill after drinking alcohol, then you should seek medical treatment as early as possible. Contact your insurance companies if they are entitled to cover your expenses. It is always advisable to have drinking buddies alongside who will look after you. Suffice to say, being on your own in a foreign land is not always a safe option.

One other possible reason why you should avoid drinking excessively relates to the rise of criminal activities under influence. Americans have been reported for cases like sexual assault, rape and vandalism. Mexico has strict laws to deal with such criminal activities. Although it is easy to get away from most situations however, on the contrary, a lot worse could also happen. Anyone, regardless of the nationality, charged for assault can face up to 30 years of a prison sentence in Mexico.



Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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