Spending time with your children is an important contributor to a child’s success

The children of well-educated parents are also well-educated. Now, a recent study, published in the Journal of Labor Economics, found that the amount of time parents spend with their children affects how well they perform academically.

The research team wanted to govern whether the presence of parents affects how well their “human capital”, a person’s experience, knowledge, and skills, is transferred to their kids.

Researchers of the study used a novel approach. They studied around 22,000 Israeli kids who had lost a parent by age of 18 years. Moreover, 77,000 children’s parents had divorced, and 600,000 had experienced neither of these circumstances. They evaluated whether the participants had passed the matriculation exam, a test which must be passed to attend college in Israel. Nearly 57% of teenagers pass this exam.

Fascinatingly, researchers discovered that if a kid had lost a parent, the education of that parent had less of an influence on the success of a child than that of the surviving parent. This shows that it’s not just about genes.

Researchers of the study also found that if a mother of a kid dies, her education becomes less significant for whether her child passes the exam. While at the same time the education of father becomes more important.

The reverse happens if a father dies. But both these relationships are even stronger when the parent dies when the kid is younger. The success of a student is not coming only from smart parents having smart children.

The research findings oppose the impression that academic success of children is simply due to financial stability as the loss of a mother, who spends more time with the children, had a greater influence than the father’s loss, who usually earns more money.

The researchers also discovered that the negative effect of losing one’s mother could essentially be somewhat lessened if the father gets married again. But, gaining a stepfather made no such kind of differences. The influence of losing a parent was found to more strongly disturb girls than boys.

When it came to the kids of divorced parents, the researchers observed similar patterns, with an education of the mother having the most important influence on the kid.

Researchers of the study found similar results in children who experienced parental death and parental divorce. This offers a strong indication that these outcomes are more general than just for kids who suffered a parental death.

Many other studies demonstrate that highly educated parents incline to spend more time with their kids. Basically, they do this because it has a strong effect on the academic success of their children.

Despite the fact that spending time together is obviously an important contributor to the success of the child, it is still only one of many. Preceding research has revealed that many other factors, from genetics to how rich your parents are, can all play an important role.

Still, spending more valuable time with your children might be a great way to start. You can have a daily “connect” time with your children. Try to create a special ritual for your children. These things can have an important impact on the academic status of your child.



Areeba Hussain

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