Ice Swimming may be the reason why Scandinavian people are happy

People are looking for different ways to keep themselves happy. They may go to any extent to achieve their required purpose of happiness. For certainly, being satisfied with your life is one essential goal that everyone should be aiming for.

There are a number of ways you can possibly do that. Exercising is one, socializing is another. The list is a never ending one.

But are you aware that ice swimming can also be one potential way of increasing happiness?

Yes, you heard that right. Swimming in ice is one recent phenomenon that has become common among Scandinavian people.

If you ever wondered why happiness rate is higher in Scandinavia, you have your answer! Start swimming in ice!

It has been scientifically proven that this can help lower excess levels of stress.

So what really is it? Let’s find out.

Ice Swimming

It doesn’t matter what really is keeping you down. It could be some sort of bodily pain, could be an ache in the joints. Even a stressed out day at work could hinder your prospect of achieving higher levels of happiness. Whatever the case might be, immersing yourself in ice water at 38F is the solution.

Certainly, the water is warmer than the cold air that averages 14F (-10C), nevertheless, the water still happens to be covered with ice.

People’s first reaction when they hear about it is that it might be a daredevil stunt. They think of the Iceman Wim Hof who climbed the snow-covered mountains without anything to cover himself with.

While swimming in ice may seem challenging, the benefits outweigh the difficulties. The final result is increased levels of happiness.

If you are up for more surprise then here you go!

It’s not like you have to swim once in a while to lower your stress. In fact, people belonging to Scandinavian countries would normally take a dip every other day. It is known to cure all ailments. From an emotional or mental pain to any bodily fatigue the person might be facing.

The Benefits?

So far, we have known that ice swimming can be utterly beneficial for people. Particularly when you are seeking happiness, it seems to be the way out. But what is the scientific logic behind that?

Is there any bodily process which is involved? Are there any long term side effects that people need to be aware of?

The medical community has tried answering all such related questions and fortunately with some success.

In a study concluded by the Finish Institute of Occupational Health, scientists found that ice swimming induces certain bodily changes. When a person dips him/herself in ice water, there are likely to be some hormonal production that he/she may face.

Icy water can lead to the secretion of endorphins or the “happy hormone.” This hormone is responsible for calming the body down and elevating the level of happiness. It is also considered to be the body’s natural pain killer.

The study also found an increased production of serotonin as a result. Similar to endorphin, serotonin calms the body down by bringing down excessive stress level. Either way, the person feels relaxed and free from all body and mental pain.





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