When Gym Becomes an Addiction? 3 Signs to Look Out For

There is absolutely no denying the benefits of physical exercise. It may keep you in shape and more importantly protects you from obesity and other illnesses. There is no one way of exercising. You can hit the gym if you are aiming for high-intensity interval training. In other words, if your focus is towards strengthening the muscles of your body.

People do end up achieving the desired results in some time. But the gym routine never stops. The obsession grows further to the extent where it becomes an addiction. Experts have highlighted that it could possibly be a problem. Essentially because the person is sacrificing on injuries and the optimum level of energy required for other activities.

There is a fine line between being committed and addiction. But where is that line drawn?

The answer may not be simple and straight forward. Rather it should be understood as a variety of factors contributing towards the addiction situation. However, on a slight fortunate note, there are signs that you should look out for.

“You sacrifice your relationships”

People who eventually end up getting addicted to the gym will tend to sacrifice their relationships. The priority line is set where workout comes above everything else. Even sacrificing as much as one spare hour from your routine may sound too difficult to carry out. When there is an indicator that you are compromising on your friendships, then that should tell you your gym obsession is, in fact, turning into an addiction.

“You continue to work out despite injuries”

One other common way of identifying your gym addiction is to note one straightforward observation. Have you continued going to the gym regardless of any injury you might have? If the answer is yes, then perhaps its time to re-evaluate your life choices. An injury does not have to be anything physical. Though that also is one major component , it is important to account for mental energy. If you feel exhausted or mentally drained and still continue gyming, then that should highlight your addiction.

“Being too much self-obsessed”

One very obvious reason why someone would start working out is to look good. Being in proper physical shape and have a lean physique. That is essentially what is someone is trying to achieve from his/her gym routine. It is perfectly alright to be worried about these things. However, then again not to the extent where it becomes a matter of life and death.

Too much self-obsession is bad because it is one viable indicator of gym addiction. This obsession can comprise of various aspects. First and foremost would be your utter and only dedication to look hunk and muscular. To achieve that, you will be working out for excessively long periods of time. Often accompanied by lifting weights that may seem to be beyond your original capacity.

The second feature of this self-obsession entails the feeling of guilt. Gym addicts would often end up regretting missing out on their routine. They will feel overly disturbed and bothered. Not realizing, that one day missed would essentially do no harm whatsoever.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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