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87 tons of boneless pork ribs recalled all over the US

The news alert from Boston is in. About 87 tons (174,000 pounds) of boneless pork ribs have been recalled. The decision was taken by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety & Inspection service after they suspected traces of glass and hard plastic in the pork. The products were being manufactured by Bellisio Foods which bases its production mostly in Ohio.

The ribs that are being checked for investigation were produced on dates ranging from Dec 28, 2018 to Feb 15 2018. This is not the first time an incidence of this sort has flared up. Even in the past situations have occurred that have put the lives of thousands of Americans at a risk.

What exactly happened?

Bellisio Foods had been supplying boneless pork ribs for a considerably long time in the US. In fact, owing to their success they even decided on expanding their production to other countries as well. The news comes as a big shock to the manager who has expressed his utmost condolence over the act.

According to the manager, the boneless pork ribs are manufactured in a way to ensure optimum quality. The aim of the company, as the manager puts it, is to supply meat-based products to the consumers at up to the mark standards. A situation like this has never occurred in the business before and the higher authorities will take all meaningful measures to solve the issue, the manager says

On the other hand, the US Department of Agriculture has also sprung into action. The department members were alerted when the customers complained about the presence of glass and hard plastic in the pork.

So far about 24 such cases have been reported to the Health authorities. But according to the officials, it is not just about the 24 people who have witnessed traces of unhealthy materials. It is about thousands of products that have been dispatched to supermarkets all over the US. While a general announcement has been made but it is impossible to stop every single individual from consuming.

On a slightly fortunate note, no adverse injuries have been reported so far. Although tangible proofs are available for the presence of glass and hard plastics, thankfully they were not ingested by the consumer. Had that been the case, it could have been far more consequential for the person.

What’s next?

The recalling of bones pork ribs manufactured by Bellisio Ribs should be an eye-opener for both the customers and the companies. At the same time, it also actively highlights the limitations of the quality inspection team to carry out their job in a meaningful manner. The US Health authorities blame the inadequacy of the company to have a proper rigorous check of the products before they were dispatched.

As far as the customers are concerned, they should pay attention to whatever product they buy from the grocery stores. Presence of plastic/glass in pork ribs is just one out of hundreds of cases that have occurred in the past. More importantly, these situations will continue to occur in the future if no meaningful measure is executed.

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