Radiations from cell phone towers declared cancerous for animals

The researchers from the Ramazzini Institute have come up with a revolutionary study that confirms that radiations emitted from cell phone towers are cancerous in nature. The research adds to the growing pile of evidences linking cell phone tower radiation with cancer.

At present, apart from the food we eat and the water we drink, carcinogens are also found in the air we breathe. These invisible dangers that we’re exposed to in our daily life increase the risks of this deadly disease among the population.

The study involved exposure of lab animals to environmental levels of radiation from cell towers. The findings of the study supported those of the U.S. National Toxicology Program. It linked the towers’ radiation to a rare heart cancer in male rats known as Schwannoma of the heart. Moreover, the researchers also discovered a higher occurrence of malignant brain tumors in female rats as well.

According to the study, rats of both genders exhibited precancerous conditions like Schwann cell hyperplasia. Furthermore, the exposed rats had lower litter weights which raised particular concerns for pregnant women and children living near these towers.

This particular research makes up for the shortcomings of the studies in the past. National Toxicology Program had been criticized for using higher doses of radiation in its study. However, this research is different. The rats, employed for the study, were exposed to the radiofrequency radiations below the permitted amounts set by the U.S. FCC. These levels of the radiations reflect the amount people can legally be exposed to in the United States.

What does the study state?

The respective Ramazzini study employed nearly 2,500 rats who were exposed to 1.8 GHz GSM radiofrequency radiations. These radiations were usually given off by cell tower antennas for 19 hours per day. Around 80 percent of the human cancers are late-developing as they occur in humans after they 60 years of age. Thus, to detect any late-developing tumors, the animals were allowed to live until they died naturally.

The research was led by study author Dr. Fiorella Balpoggi. All the researchers are calling on the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The main purpose behind this is to re-evaluate its standpoint on the cancer-causing potential of this type of radiation in humans.

Dr. Jose Domingo, the Toxicology Professor and Environmental Research Editor-in-Chief stated that this research is one of its kinds. It provides a momentous addition to the technical literature enumerating the strong reasons for concern about the electromagnetic radiation from base stations or cell towers.

Dr. David O. Carpenter, a former School of Public Health Dean at the University at Albany, mentions that this study shows serious concerns for the ones living close to cell towers. He called on governments to initiate steps reducing the exposure of cell tower emissions.

Moreover, he entrusts the government to ensure that the towers are not placed near hospitals, schools, or homes. He wanted the public health agencies to educate the population regarding the reduced exposure to cell tower radiations and other dangerous wireless radiofrequency radiations like Wi-Fi in schools and cell phones. According to him, avoiding the exposure is very difficult but it will reduce people’s risk of cancer and diseases which may otherwise raise like electro-hypersensitivity.

Areeba Hussain

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