Clear Nails Plus Review – Must Read This Before Buying

Clear Nails Plus is a health-boosting supplement that helps to get rid of toenail fungus. As you know, toenail fungus takes forever to go on its own. There are high chances that may never go away without treatment. The fungus spreads at an extremely fast rate and it often goes out of hands.

That’s why toenail fungal infection needs treatment. But why going for medicines when you can naturally treat it? yes, using a dietary supplement will naturally boost your body that makes nails strong and fungal-free.

Clear Nails Plus is one such supplement that claims to treat toenail fungus and eliminate it completely, leaving nails healthy and beautiful. Let’s explore its ingredients, mechanism of action and safety.

Updated February 2019: Clear Nails Plus is not our recommended fungus removal supplement, Instead we recommend Fungus Eliminator By PureHealth Research


Why do we get nail fungus and how to get rid of it?

The fungus is everywhere, just like bacteria and viruses. But not all fungal strains are human pathogens. The fungus that attacks human nails makes them yellow, brittle and damaged. When the infection spreads, it may cause extreme pain and discomfort to the person.

There are high chances of this fungus to spread to other body parts. Also, some of the fungal strains are highly contagious, they may also be spread to people you met.

When it invades the under nail skin, the fungus makes it itchy, red and bumpy. This way it can make a person lose his nail too. People of all ages and gender can get affected by toenail fungus.

A long term fungal infection can make the immune system weak and sometimes fungal infections are fatal. Although people don’t actually believe it a disease may make a person lose his toe.

To prevent any damage to the nail, it is necessary to maintain nail hygiene and trim them properly. In extreme cases, a doctor may recommend antifungal ointments, shampoos, and even oral medicines. In any case, do not ignore toenail fungus when you see it at initial stages.

How does Clear Nails Plus help?

With so many health problems to deal, nail health is often ignored. People also tend to think that toenail fungus is not really a health problem. Another reason is that fungal pathogenesis is slow and takes so much time to show itself.

It sometimes makes people care less about it. What they don’t understand is that fungus contains toxins that spread and cause serious health damage.

That is why health-boosting supplements like Clear Nails Plus helps to get rid of toenail fungal infections at initial stages.

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It is an oral supplement that you swallow with water. The daily use of Clear Nails Plus makes your nails strong and healthy. It prevents any fungal strains to grow on your nails and hence keeps the nails, fungus free.

What’s the inspiration behind Clear Nails Plus?

Clear Nails Plus is not a shady product that comes from nowhere. The details on its official website show that it has been developed by a person who spent 18 years of his life in the medical profession. The name of its manufacturer is Roy Williams and he shares the inspiration behind developing this formula with everyone.

His father was suffering from a fungal infection that spread to all visceral organs and eventually left him feeble. There was no treatment to find and he was definitely not sure of what a small tiny infection will do to his father. That’s why he decided to work on a formula that helps to get rid of the fungal infection at initial stages.

Best things about Clear Nails Plus

There are many things that make Clear Nails Plus a trusted product. For example,

·      It is made of 100% natural ingredients.

·      It comes with scientific research to prove itself.

·      It has no negative health effects.

·      It brings no side effects.

·      It has a 100% money-back guarantee.

·      Many users have shared their wonderful experience with it.

·      It brings results in less time.

·      It overall improves your health.

·      It has no negative reviews anywhere.

Is it affordable?

The manufacturer truly believes to help everyone to live a toe fungus infection free life. That’s why it comes in three packages that are highly economical. You may choose the one that suits your best.

The price of one bottle is only $69.00 It comes with free shipping and free gifts. Next is its standard package that includes three bottles of Clear Nails Plus supplement and buying the three bottles will reduce the price to $59.00. Just like the single bottle purchase plan, it has no delivery charges and comes with free stuff.

The best package is its premium package with six bottles that gives you a remarkably low price of $49.00 per bottle. Shipping is free of cost for it as well.

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How to pay for it?

The manufacturer accepts multiple payment options and all of them are safe. The best is to pay through a master card or VISA.  All packages come with a money-back guarantee that means you can always return it if you don’t see it working for you.

Free products with Clear Nails Plus

Every purchase of Clear Nails Plus comes with two bonus items. None of them is free in real but if you purchase Clear Nails Plus, these bonus items will not be charged. Following are these two free gifts.

  • The 24-hour Fungal Flush (Actual price $49.00, FREE with each purchase of Clear Nails Plus)

It is a guide book that explains toenail fungus and how to live a life free of fungal infections. It has helpful content on how to make your nails strong and the life with nail fungus.

  • The diabetic’s fungus fighting handbook  (Actual price $49.00, FREE with each purchase of Clear Nails Plus)

The second free gift is another book that talks about foods that help a diabetic person. These foods are scientifically proven to be diabetic-friendly for getting rid of the fungal infection by improving overall health.

User reviews

You will find multiple good reviews of Clear Nails Plus online. People endorse this product for the following reasons.

  • it is an over the counter product that shows 100% results.
  • It shows results in three weeks. (for most of the people)
  • It makes the nails healthy white and pinkish again.

How to claim a refund?

If you purchase Clear Nails Plus and are dissatisfied with the results, you will get all your money back using their refund policy. All you need to do is to contact the manufacturer at 855-701-2018 or support@truthaboutfungus.com, and they will get back to you.

The final word on Clear Nails Plus

Clear Nails Plus is a natural formula clearly makes life easier for a person having a nail fungal infection. It has scientific studies to back it up. The mechanism is simple, it boosts your health especially the nail health and helps to treat the fungal infection naturally.

It has no side effects or negative effects on anyone. The price is affordable and the manufacturer offers cut-price offers for bundle purchase. All in all, you can trust Clear Nails Plus for trying once.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a Medical Microbiologist and a healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. She is an author of six research papers and currently working as a research associate in a Research Lab.


  1. I need the toe fungus recipe it has tea tree essential oil and coconut oil and canola oil please send me the measurements, I lost it.
    Thank- you!
    Christine Wig

  2. I made a mistake about 1 1/2 hrs. ago. I want to try just one bottle to begin with. The ordering site was very confusing for a senior who doesn’t email
    much. Thank you Please respond asap as I don’t have the money for more at this time.

    1. I ordered 6 bottles of Clear Nail Plus on their website. I then was transferred to another screen where I was asked to order another product. Since the website would not let me out of that screen unless I ordered another product, I clicked yes, but my credit card blocked the second order since it thought it was a scam. I never then received a receipt for the first order for 6 bottles. I checked with my credit card company and the first order was approved. I do not know who to contact to see if my order is coming?

      thank you for any help

  3. 5/29/19
    I am wondering when I can expect my order to arrive?
    I read 3-5 days (Not weeks)
    Please reply asap on my order update.
    Thank You

  4. Is this a product I will need to continue for an indefinite period of time or is the 90 day supply enough to destroy the fungus? If it is indeed an ongoing treatment, are there reduced rates for continuing its use?

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