Marijuana can increase sperm count, study finds out

According to one new research, marijuana can also lead to an increase in sperm count in a person. The findings come about a time when the USA is facing one of the severest male fertility crises.

Studies are coming up with a number of potential health benefits of marijuana. Certainly, for these very reasons the USA is almost reaching the target of full legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.

We are told that among several benefits, the most prominent is the ability to reduce the intensity of chronic pain.

It is important to note that previously, scientists thought that excessive usage of weed was linked with male impotence.

Marijuana & Male Sperm Count

The research was led by Dr Jorge Chavarro who specializes in nutrition and epidemiology. For Dr Chavarro, the results were utterly surprising for the medical research team. The findings were documented in Human Reproduction Journal.

The study was conducted on 650 male participants. The volunteers were undergoing treatment at different hospitals for fertility treatment. They were asked if they currently smoked marijuana or had any past history of smoking up. About 12% confirmed were regular smokers while 55% confirmed with the latter.

A thorough examination of the semen was done. Scientists primarily focused on the sperm count, life span and hormone concentration.

The results were compared with the semen of non-smoking people.

It was revealed that people who smoked marijuana had increased sperm count within a span of two months. It didn’t matter whether the person was still a user of marijuana or had any past history. Either way, their sperm count had dramatically increased over the course of the research.

At the same time, cannabis smokers also had a lower amount of follicle-stimulating hormone. Which essentially meant that there was a lesser chance a person will develop infertility problem in the near future.

The research findings were validated by the National Institutes of Health.

Limitations of the Study

The results have proven to be groundbreaking in the field of epidemiology. It can change the way doctors used to treat the infertility problem.

Yet there are some important notes to keep in mind before we jump on to any conclusions.

While the findings have suggested that marijuana can lead to an increase in sperm count, there are certain limitations to the study.

Firstly, scientists do not feel there is any direct relation between weed and increased sperm count. Critics have argued that people who had amount levels of sperm had something to do with their testosterone level. Cannabis wouldn’t in one way or the other have any effect on that.

At the same time, the research doesn’t establish the right amount of marijuana that the person should be smoking. This is one aspect which has rather disturbed the medical experts. So far it is not known what percentage of CBD will affect the sperm count of the person.

Subsequently, the question demands more research be carried out before the patients are given any instructions.

Whether this research has many applications in the field of medical science remains yet to be seen. Suffice to say, we should wait for more findings before we draw any relationship between cannabis and sperm count.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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