What is the Adam’s apple?

The Adam’s apple is that lumpy cartilage in men that is often visible at the throat. You will be surprised to know that it has no as such role in body functions. Also, it is possible to reduce or increase the size of it with surgical methods.

Like other male characters, Adam’s apple appears during puberty. That’s why you will never see young boys with Adam’s apple. Usually, men have larger larynx than women that pushes Adam’s apple to outward.

What is it’s function?

The larynx is the voice box present at the front side of your neck. This voice box has vocal cords, responsible to produce sounds that make your voice. Now the larynx is not only responsible for voice but it also protects the airway when you are eating.

The development of larynx takes place during puberty and a larger size of larynx means deeper voice. Till the date, there is no exact reason known for Adam’s apple. But the scientists believe that this extra cartilage layer on throat protects from injuries. There is no other known function of it.

Do women have Adams apple too?

Yes, both men and women have Adam’s apples, but they are more developed and prominent in men. The reason behind it is that larynx in men grows bigger in size than women. That’s why men and women voices are different.

Sometimes a hormonal disturbance affects the development of larynx. So some men may have a small larynx and their voice has a high pitch. Similarly, some women may have a larger larynx, a prominent Adam’s apple as well as a low pitch voice.

Surgical removal of Adams apple

There is no proof to say that Adam’s apple has any role in human health. However, its size may affect the health if the person has a gender identity crisis or thinks that it doesn’t go well with his body.

It is possible to remove or enlarge Adam’s apple through surgical procedures. The enlargement is completed by cartilage transplant from any other part to the throat.

Is this a symptom of any disease?

There is no evidence that Adam’s apple is a part of any disease or dysfunction. It is usually not related to any health problem. However, some throat diseases may cause swelling of the larynx or the surrounding areas.

This swelling sometimes makes Adam’s apple to appear bigger than its real size. Examples of such diseases that cause inflammation of throat are as follows.

  • Laryngitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Thyroid problems
  • Throat cancer

A treatment for swollen or otherwise a large Adam’s apple varies. It usually depends on its cause. Sometimes, a doctor suggests medicines e.g. antibiotics or steroid to reduce swelling.

If the reason is a chronic disease like cancer, its treatment involves surgical removal, radiations or chemotherapy.

The final words

The Adam’s apple is a growth on men’s throat that only gets prominent after puberty. It is made of cartilage and its size is linked with the size of the larynx. Both men and women have it but it is bigger in men.

Any change in or around the throat may cause swelling that makes Adam’s apple appear bigger. Rarely it represents a problem. Otherwise, it has no health risks or complications. Also, it is not a symptom of any disease.

If some one is uncomfortable with the size of Adam’s apple, he can surgically enhance or remove it.



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