Research finds music to aid sleep among individuals

British researchers have come up with new research that explains that good music helps people to sleep well. Their study states that individuals who listen to music before bed, fall asleep easily and stay soundly asleep. The study is a pioneer investigation of music as a mean by which people improved their sleep.

The University of Sheffield, the University of a Lead Researcher named Tabitha Trahan, supported the study. It serves to explain the fact that many people listen to music before and during sleep. The research was based on an online survey where the participants mentioned that it was easier to fall asleep while listening to music.

Sleep loss is becoming an emergent problem among people. Many people across the world suffer from the problem. Sleep deprivation degrades the health and capability of a person, affecting the quality of his or her life and work.

Many pharmaceutical drugs have been designed to treat sleeping problems among individuals. These drugs artificially increase certain natural chemicals associated with sleep. However, these drugs don’t always work, are very expensive and impose various negative effects on the consumer.

What does the survey say?

The lead researcher of the study, Tabitha Trahan, conducted the survey to determine,

  1. How many people use music as a sleep aid
  2. Their reason for their selection of music
  3. The type of music that lulled them to sleep

The survey was open for anyone to join in. It contained certain questions about musicality and its effects on sleep habits. The answers of the respondents were not confined to the scores. They could give open-text answers, providing more details than the scores.

Around 651 people took the survey or the questionnaire. 403 respondents that makeup almost 62 percent of the participants confirmed that they used music as a sleep aid at night. They listened to 545 different performers who performed songs in 14 music genres. These participants attributed music for a better sleeping experience.

The survey further revealed that younger individuals were significantly exposed to music. Moreover, they were much more likely to use music as a sleep aid. The respondents maintained two distinct opinions,

  • They believed that listening to music encourages the mind and body to fall asleep
  • They also thought that music stops a chemical process that could disturb one’s sleep

Thus, it was concluded that music can aid people to fall asleep at night.

Trahan wrote that this survey is one of the largest surveys to enumerate the use of music as a sleeping aid. However, she also highlighted various drawbacks of the study. For example,

  • The answers were self-reported
  • The analysis was limited to the participant’s individual belief
  • The researchers were unable to find out the physiological effects of using music as a sleep aid

Thus, the researcher concluded that the survey serves to be the first and largest systematically collected evidence on a large group of people, using music as a sleep aid. These findings are a stepping stone toward further studies investigating the therapeutic uses for music.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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