Health Effects of Obesity | How Overweight can Cause Diseases?

“Obesity kills?” Ever heard such statement and shrugged off believing, “it can’t be true.”? If yes, then probably just like many others, you too might have been amongst those who are living in their own bubble. Whether obesity kills or not, this is a separate debate. But, in actual, obesity for sure paves the way for a number of diseases. Those diseases can be detrimental to health and can become one of the causes of one’s death. What sort of diseases can be caused because of obesity or overweighting? How can one control overweight and what’s the balanced weight? Which balanced diet should be followed in the process of reducing one’s weight? How much can physical activity be helpful in controlling one’s weight? You will find answers to all these questions up next.

Diseases caused by Obesity

Diseases which are caused due to obesity are as follows:

  • Obesity can cause high blood pressure.
  • This can also cause type 2 diabetes.
  • Another disease which can be caused by obesity is coronary heart disease.
  • Cancers e.g. breast cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer etc can also result because of obesity.
  • One can also become the victim of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety etc.
  • Having body pain or not finding it easy to function properly is also amongst one of the causes of obesity.

How can one prevent from gaining weight?

You can easily skip from weight gain if you follow some of the simple life rules which will not only keep you away from gaining weight but will also keep you active and healthy for the lifetime. Some of those rules are as follows:

  1. Inculcate physical activity into your daily routine.
  2. Include healthy foods in your eating plans such as vegetables or fruits etc.

Physical Activity

  1. The more physical activity you have in your daily routine, the more active you will be.
  2. This can also help in making your weight loss journey easy.
  3. For maintaining your weight, regularity in physical activity is a must.
  4. Physical activity can help in reducing the risks of several diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes etc.
  5. The risks of mental health issues also get minimized because of physical activity.

Does health food mean giving up on one’s favorite food?

Moving on to healthy food lifestyle doesn’t really mean that you have to cut short or go turkey on all of your favorite dishes which might have tons of fats or calories. You can always have such food once in a while. However, what’s not recommended is to avoid having it seven days a week.

What you can actually do is that if you really crave to have your favorite food, then opt for something which contains low calories or start reducing the amount that you normally take. For example: if you usually eat a large chocolate bar then go for the smaller version of the chocolate next time.

If you always have the large plate of your favorite food item e.g. pizza every time, then cut short and go for a smaller one next time.

During your weight loss journey, just make sure that you keep monitoring yourself and your calories so that you can actually get some results. The best weight loss technique which works is to lose it in a moderate way. Going hard on yourself or using rigorous techniques can only yield results on the temporary basis. If you want to lose your weight and desire to keep it maintained for a long period of time then it is recommended to lose one or two pounds a week. And instead of going turkey on your all favorite food items, try to bring gradual changes in your diet.


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