Diabetes induced nephropathy can be treated using Aloe Vera

A study, published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements, states that Aloe Vera can significantly prevent nephropathy induced by diabetes. The researchers from the KIET School of Pharmacy and Swami Vivekanand Subharti University in India conducted the research. They looked at the possible effects of aloe vera on diabetes-induced nephropathy in rats.

Diabetic nephropathy is also known as diabetic kidney disease. It is a serious kidney-related complication of diabetes and affects almost 40% of diabetic patients. This condition leads to compromised renal functions within a body. The affected individual poorly removes waste products and extra fluid from the body.

One of the best ways to prevent the situation is to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar and blood pressure.

What does the study say?

This respective study suggests that diabetic patients must also consider aloe-vera as a potential remedy. It is a well-known plant for its medicinal properties. Moreover, it has potent kidney-protective effects against diabetes-induced nephropathy.

The study suggests that aloe vera demonstrates lipid-lowering and anti-oxidative effects on diabetes-induced nephropathy in rats.

For the experiments, the researchers employed mice, fed them with Streptozotocin to induce diabetes. Diabetes induces hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress which onsets diabetic nephropathy. Thus, the mice, under observation, experienced oxidative stress and elevated levels of lipids (fats, cholesterol, and triglycerides). Consequently, they developed diabetic nephropathy after eight weeks.

Afterward, the researchers treated mice with 300 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of aloe vera extract. It was observed that aloe vera ameliorated diabetes-induced nephropathy and renal oxidative stress. Moreover, aloe vera was found to be more effective against nephropathy than Lisinopril. Lisinopril is an anti-hypertensive drug and prevents kidney problems among diabetics.

The research concludes that aloe vera depicts significant kidney-protective effects, helping to prevent the development of diabetic nephropathy.

Some other ways to prevent diabetes-induced nephropathy

One can also prevent diabetes and its related complications like nephropathy by making healthier lifestyle choices. These may include,

  • Following a healthy diet i.e. low in carbohydrates and sugars
  • Marinating a healthy, regular exercise schedule
  • Give up smoking and drinking
  • Keeping a regular check on blood sugar levels

Other potential benefits of Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a spiky succulent plant. It usually grows in dry, tropical climates in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the southern, and western regions of the U.S.

Aloe vera is also known as,

  • Plant of immortality
  • Burn plant
  • Lily of the desert
  • Elephant’s gall

It was around 6000 years ago, that the healing properties of the plant were discovered. It offers the following benefits,

  1. Effectively heals wound
  2. Improves Digestion
  3. Soothes heartburn and sunburn
  4. Relieves skin infections

The gel extracted from the Aloe vera plant called the “Aloe gel” speeds up the healing of wounds and injuries. In addition, aloe vera produces “aloe latex.” It is a yellow pulp found under the outer part of the plant leaf, containing aloin. Aloe latex is attributed for the laxative properties of aloe vera and can be used to treat constipation.

In addition, aloe vera can potentially improve the signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) like heartburn, belching, and vomiting. Moreover, it offers cooling effects relieving sunburn.
Aloe vera also benefits people suffering from acne and psoriasis. It effectively calms skin irritation and lessens itchiness and inflammation.

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