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200 UK citizens die after misuse of Xanax

About 200 deaths have been reported since 2015 due to the misuse of Xanax drug. This figure stands at all-time high. Unfortunately, medical experts feel that numbers can soon rise if no adequate measures are taken.

The figures were reported by BBC Derbyshire program.

200 was the official count which the police have been able to record. There are a number of unreported cases that never receive coverage of any sort. Even so, there are also instances where misuse of Xanax has also been linked with severe health complications.

Of the total figures, half of the deaths occurred in Scotland. It raises a crucial question on the widespread availability of the drug. in the region

The only slight bit of fortunate news is that police have successfully seized Xanax from different locations including airports. The value was estimated to be as high as £1m pounds. Smugglers were trying to bring in the medications illegally from areas of Europe which were to be sold in black.

Border Forces have assured the public that the necessary steps are being taken to solve the problem. Screening of bags are being extensively carried out and tourists are subjected to strict regulations. Although, the authorities are aware of their limitations on restricting the sale of Xanax in the black market.

Pharmaceutical companies have been contacted by the UK authorities to regulate the purchase of the drug. It is the need of the hour that citizens are protected safely from this malice before it gets utterly serious.

What is Xanax and what is it used for?

Normally, patients suffering from anxiety disorder coupled with insomnia will be prescribed Xanax. It is categorized under the name Alprazolam and is sold widely all around the globe. In fact, the USA happens to be the largest buyer of the drug.

While Xanax can certainly help in providing relief from the symptoms, there is a dark side to consider.

Often, people will tend to increase the dosage without any prior consultation from the doctor. That is when the drug becomes considerably dangerous.

On the other hand, people who do not suffer from any anxiety disorder will also tend to misuse the drug. The primary reasons being to induce sleep and relax the mind.

The UK Xanax crisis

When people are unable to buy Xanax with a prescription, they will resort to other means. Unfortunately, having access to the black market isn’t that difficult as it might sound.

UK citizens are able to purchase the drug through a dealer who is able to supply the required dosage. In addition to that, Xanax can also be easily bought online through the dark web.

The ease of buying and selling has actually increased availability throughout the region.

There are a number of preventive measures that can and should be taken by the UK government.

In the first case scenario, people should be made aware of the intensity of the problem. Awareness entails highlighting the consequences of misuse of the drug.

At the same preventing the transaction of Xanax in the black market. For that to happen, it is high time police is made vigilant in areas where it suspects the dealing takes place.


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