Raw Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Depression, Studies Claim

Fruits and vegetables are renowned for the plentiful benefactions they offer to the well being of an organism. They not only improve your physical health but also enhance the mental health of a human.

A recent study declared the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables to be a source of good mental health. They are reported to prevent depression and other mental issues like stress and anxiety.

The study enumerated that raw fruits and vegetables pose better health benefits as compare to the processed ones. They elevate the mood and enhance the state of mind. It also revealed that cooking or processing the fruits and vegetables alter their cellular structures and reduce the nutritional content present in them.

400 young adults, aged between 18-25, from the U.S and New Zealand participated in the study.

This age group was intentionally chosen since the people of this age group are found to consume fruits and vegetables rarely. Moreover, this age group had greater and higher risks of developing mental illnesses.

The individuals were divided into groups. One group was asked to consume raw fruits and vegetables and the other was asked to intake cooked or processed ones. Along with their eating habits, the lifestyle of the individuals, their present bodily health, sleep-wake, and exercise patterns were also taken under consideration.

After the experiment finished and the data was analyzed, the researchers determined a strong connection between raw fruits and vegetables and the mental health of an individual.

The results revealed that the consumers of raw fruits and vegetables were found to be very vibrant and happy. They had a positive outlook on life. The participants themselves stated that they felt satisfied internally and had never experienced this kind of feeling before. The researchers proclaimed that these individuals were also more likely to succeed in life. On contrary, those who ate processed fruits and vegetables did not exhibit the same mental health.

Another study led by the researchers from the Rush University Medical Center stated that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains prevents mental illnesses especially depression.

900 individuals, with an average age of 81 years, were examined for the experimental study. They were asked to fill out questionnaires about how frequently and what type of foods, fruits, and vegetables do they consume. Based upon the answers three diet plans were designed. One comprising of the Mediterranean diet, one constituted the western diet and the third one accounted for dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH). The individuals under consideration were divided into three groups and each group was allocated with a specific diet plan. They were monitored strictly to make sure that they stick to the diet plans designed.

The results revealed that the people following the DASH and Mediterranean diet plans showed 11% decrease in the risks of developing depression. Conversely, those following western diet plans showed an elevated level of risks of developing depression.

The diet plans showing positive results were found to be concentrated with fruits and vegetables. Thus, it was concluded that vegetables and fruits promote mental health and reduce the chances of depression.

Apples, Bananas, Berries, Carrots, Citrus fruits, Cucumbers, Dark leafy greens (e.g., kale and collard greens), Grapefruit, Kiwifruit, and Lettuce were ascertained to boost the mental health and alleviate depression among people.

In addition to mental illnesses, unhealthy eating habits promote chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke etc. Foods containing chemicals, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors should be avoided as they may promote inflammation inside the body which may somehow lead to mental inabilities.

A small change in your diet and lifestyle can bring you both mental peace and physical beauty.




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