Doctors advise against taking a contraceptive pill everyday

There are a number of birth control methods available which one can make use of to prevent pregnancy. Some of them are surely more effective than others. Among tens of methods present, contraceptive pills happen to be one.

The pill is taken by the woman either before intercourse or afterwards. It is usually considered as an alternative to the use of condoms. However, there are a number of concerns women, in general, have with regards to contraceptive pills

Are they effective? How many pills should I take?

And most importantly the biggest question asked: should I take a pill every day?

One recent news headline suggested that it is advisable for women to take a contraceptive pill every day of the month before the period starts.

Although medical professionals do not completely agree with it and feel that it has been greatly misinterpreted.

What is the real story then?

Let us find out.

How does contraceptive pill work?

The way a contraceptive pill works is fairly simple and straightforward. It prevents the ovaries from releasing any eggs that will fertilize with the sperm.

It is considered to be highly effective and can be a good choice for women for avoiding pregnancy. The claim by pharmaceutical companies is that it is 99% effective. With just little deviation, the success rate has been somewhere around 90%. Either way, there is often no doubt about the accuracy of the contraceptive pill.

You can come across numerous brands that will sell the pills and all of them seem to work in the right manner.

The contraceptive pill has some associated side effects that although may not be intense still are commonly experienced. Women are reported to have episodes of nausea and loss of appetite.

There is one important thing to note: pill is an effective counter against pregnancy yet it does not protect the person from STDs.

Should pill be taken every day?

Now let us focus on the real question. Should contraceptive pills be used on daily basis? The answer is NO!

It should only be taken as recommended by the medical doctor. Usually, in one packet of contraceptive pills, there are 21 tablets present. It is okay to take the pill every day for the next 3 weeks without having the seven-day break interval. In such a scenario, there is unlikely to be any harm yielded.

Failing to do so can be consequential for the woman. In the first case scenario, doing so can increase the severity of the side effects that might tag along. According to studies, it can cause an extreme form of muscle cramps and vomiting. Therefore, to avoid facing it, it is mandatory to follow the procedure as recommended by the doctor.

Moreover, there is another sad side to the story as well.

If you take a contraceptive pill every day of the month, then that can reverse the original purpose of the medication. Meaning by, there is a chance that the woman may get pregnant after having intercourse.

So it is important to be cautious of the timings and the amount.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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