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Death reported after e-cigarette battery explodes

The much-expected bad news for e-cigarettes is out. William Brown, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas was found dead in a parking lot. The post-mortem examination found out that death was a result of an exploding vaporizing pen.

The incident was reported to the police when the neighbours heard an explosion at the place where the incident occurred. After investigation, it was revealed that the e-cigarette battery had apparently exploded when William was using it.

He bought the vape pen from the store located in the area and tried to put it on in the car. The model of the vaporizer was identified as Mechanical Mod Style. It is important to note that this type had faced issues in the past, but no serious thought was put into the matter. People had complaints regarding the inefficiency but the manufacturers took no action in that regard.

Due to the explosion, the metal parts pierced the face and the neck region. The victim remained unconscious before dying from a stroke two days after. Doctors report that William Brown had severe artery damage.

This is not the first time something of this sort has happened. There have been incidences in the past where the user inflicted serious injuries. In severe cases, the explosion of e-cigarettes has also caused a number of fatalities.

What is about vape pen and e-cigarettes that make them so popular?

Why do people use e-cigarettes?

The advancement in the field of technology has also seen a rise in the popularity of vaping. People now have wide access to such products at an affordable price. They can be bought from literally anywhere. From a big supermarket to the nearest tobacco shop. The worst part is that there are no essential guidelines that are given out to the users.

Most people resort to e-cigarettes as a possible alternative to normal tobacco cigarette. There can be numerous reasons for doing so but primarily it is believed that vape pens are not that harmful. That is not true.

Studies have been conducted to examine the concern and the answer is simple and straight forward. E-cigarettes do have cancer-causing chemicals contains within them that is harmful to the user’s body. Therefore, it is advised to think twice before shifting to vaping over normal cigarette smoking. Either way, both are potentially harmful.

Is the US heading towards vaping crisis?

The increase in popularity has also witnessed an increase in the number of injuries and fatalities that have resulted.

Only about last year, a 38-year-old man lost his life after an e-cigarette explosion. The death was so serious and instant after the metal parts of the pen were able to enter the victim’s skull damaging the cerebrum region.

The National Fire Data Center has reported a sharp rise in the number of severe injuries that have been caused. For all the e-cigarette explosion occurred, 29% of them had the tendency to be fatal.

It is high time that the government pays attention to the matter and start regulating the sale of such products.


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