How to treat cancer without chemotherapy? Scientists have the answer

Scientists have come up with a rather extraordinary way of treating cancers that will not require the use of chemotherapy. The procedure will work by using the body’s own cell destruction system. This may sound dramatic but will become clear once you read the article.

Your body is made up of billions of cells which are the smallest possible units known. Thousands of these cells are killed by themselves and removed by new ones. You may think negatively about the killing of cells but this is something that happens for the body’s own good. This happens so the cells that have the potential to cause harm are replaced by new ones.

What you just read is a glimpse of how the immune system works normally.

Yet this isn’t the case for carcinogens or cancer-causing cells. They are able to avoid the body self-destruction mechanism by acting as a shield. Particularly, this ability is what makes these cancer cells dangerous for the patient.

Currently, chemotherapy is the most prominent way of killing the cancer cells. While the therapy may be able to yield positive results, the side effects are considerable. They can be severe to the extent where a person finds his/her life reduced to nil.

Thereby, it is more than important to look for other viable alternatives.

Treating cancers without chemotherapy

A group of scientists belonging to the Northwestern University have come up with a possible alternative of treating cancers. The procedure that does not at all requires the use of chemotherapy. Rather works on the basis of the kill code which the scientists have been able to successfully identify.

It is important to note that every body cell has a certain genetic code that eventually programs the cell death. The existence was known yet scientists previously could not trace what the code was.

Thankfully, researchers of the study have been to decipher the code for cancer-causing cells. This code is found inside the RNA and by using this information, scientists will be able to treat cancers.

The procedure is simple and straightforward. By using this code, scientists will able to induce killing of the cancerous cells without disrupting the original genome. At the end of the day what is required is using microRNAs. Certain types of microRNAs molecules can be effectively used to instigate the killing of the cells.

A big breakthrough

The success of this study was perceived by scientists a long time ago when they knew the killing procedure was within the cells. All that was needed was somehow detecting what that particular code was that can trigger the death of cancer cells.

The research is certainly a step in the positive direction that needs to be welcomed. Like mentioned earlier, chemotherapy is currently the only option available to treat cancers. However, due to the serious side effects associated, people do not always find this option safe.

It was the need of the hour to come up with a better alternative. Replicating the cell’s self-kill mechanism may be a revolutionary change in the field of oncology. Yet, the procedure still needs to undergo animal and human testing before it is officially launched.

Till then let us keep our hopes for the future alive!


Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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