South Beach Diet – Quick Start Guide

The South Beach Diet is a book-turned-meal delivery service. Designed by world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatson, South beach diet achieved international fame and its book sold millions of copies across the world.

Dr. Arthur, the author of the book, has come up with a diet plan by the name of “South Beach Diet.” It is designed to provide people with a clean and sustainable approach to a healthy eating and effective weight loss. The South beach diet plan is primarily, designed with medical purposes. It intends to help people lose weight, lower their cholesterol and prevent heart diseases etc.

This authorized meal delivery service ships fully prepared dishes that are delivered straight to your door. In addition, they also send free shakes as well. All of the delivered food items are following the South Beach diet method. The diet plan ranges between ample varieties of meals.

A package, with a sum total of 7 days’ worth of meals, is delivered every week. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whereas, snacks are optional and 7 of the free shakes are delivered with your first order.

Most of the diets emphasize restrictive eating and cutting down on calories. While the South beach diet follows a counterintuitive approach to losing weight. It focuses on clean and healthy eating that makes you feel contented and satiated. The macronutrients include in the diet come from lean protein sources, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

The official website asks you to type in your height, gender, current weight, and goal weight in order to suggest you the diet plan. The diet is heavily personalized and takes into account your ideal caloric intake.

The manufacturers take pride in having sold 11+ million copies of both book and meal delivery service combined.

How does South Beach Diet work?

The South beach diet is closely related to a Mediterranean approach to eating. It is non-restrictive and packed with nutrient-dense foods. The official site claims that you can lose 14lbs in 2 weeks, and up to 24lbs total.

The respective diet is designed to transform your metabolism. It makes you burn fat, lose weight and build muscle tissues. South beach diet intends at slow release of both carbohydrates and protein. It ensures keeping you energized throughout the day, by properly feeding your entire system.

South beach diet is low in added sugars and refined starches. Moreover, it is free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, providing a safe and healthy approach to losing weight. It helps you stay full and satisfied due to high fiber intake.

The followers of the diet plan are instructed to eat 3 main meals and 3 snacks per day. As mentioned above, South beach diet delivers prepared meals at your doorstep. You can very well use the book and prepare each meal separately, but it provides you with a hands-off solution.

Phases of South beach diet

The structure of the South beach diet follows the following 3 phases. The first phase is slightly restrictive, however; it becomes progressively less restrictive, allowing you to eat and enjoy almost all the imaginable foods.

Phase 1

It is a 7-day body reboot where your body enters a partial state of ketosis. Phase 1 generally resets your glucose levels by reducing your cravings for sugars and starches. It includes high protein & low carbohydrate meals, snack bars, and shakes free of gluten.

The body, in this phase, uses fat deposits, instead of carbohydrates, as an energy source. It converts fat into energy, slightly shifting your internal chemistry.

Phase 2

Phase 2 lasts until your weight loss goals are achieved. However, the weight loss process slows down here. You may lose weight steadily, around 2 pounds per week. The meals, in this phase, include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and more healthy fats. They are progressively more caloric.

This phase is a kind of “Do It Yourself” phase. It includes 2 meals for breakfast, dinner, and lunch, that you can prepare using the ingredients provided.

Phase 3

Phase 3 aims at maintaining a healthy weight without hunger or deprivation. It allows all foods, in control, training you how to chase the principles for optimal health.

South beach diet teaches you how to move from a low-carbohydrate week, with no sugar and alcohol, to eat-everything-you-want-in-moderation. The weight loss by South beach diet follows a symptomatic curve. It causes a sharp drop in weight at the very beginning and then moves forward via supplementing you with slow and steady progress.

The Chef’s picks

The Chef’s picks is a default option at the official site of South beach diet. It appears before you place your order. It is a package comprising of varied dishes, and some of the most popular meals from the entire diet program, so you can later pick your favorites.

The chef’s picks come with a phase 1 reboot kit for the entire first week followed by meals for phase 2. This package comes for you to test the entire palate, and make a choice with confidence later. Moreover, you can always change your program. The meals catalog is hardly out of any ingredient. Note, if you decide to pick each meal separately, phase 1 still remains fixed.

What does South beach diet include?

Each package of the diet includes a 4-week plan, delivered week-to-week. In addition, you are also provided with 7 shakes, each packing 20 grams of protein plus probiotics for easy digestion. This monthly package costs $299. If you want to add snacks, it costs $40 more.

You can pause, revise, or annul your subscription at any time. South beach diet comes with no returns and refunds.

Note that your subscription has a default auto-delivery option. It means that a single purchase will subscribe you to continuous monthly orders. However, you can cancel this option by informing the customer care department.

Additional bonuses for free

South beach comes with following bonus items for free.

  • The Quick start guide
  • Daily meal planner
  • A Complete Handbook of recipes to prepare meals

The manufacturers have launched a South beach diet app as well.

Pros of South beach diet plan

  • The South beach diet plan is a way to an effective, healthy weight loss.
  • The customer is relieved for not having to count calories.
  • The diet plan doesn’t depend on exercise and is very flexible including customized meals and plenty of foods to enjoy.
  • The plan effectively works for diabetes, hypertension and is recommended for heart disease prevention.

Cons of South beach diet plan

The Auto-delivery option incentivizes you to order a second package. In addition, canceling your order will cost you $125, when canceling earlier than the second shipment. South beach diet is often a complaint of small portion size.


South beach diet plan serves as an effective weight loss program. It includes meals that provide all the essential nutrients for a healthy weight loss.

Instead of wasting your time and money on those bankrupting products and equipment, you must try South beach diet with a strong will that you need to change yourself. This program includes no medicines but healthy natural diet plans, meals that ensure a better and healthier you.

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