Marriage has Heart Health Benefits- Research proves

A new study report suggests that single, separated, divorced and widowed people are at a larger risk of developing heart conditions majorly, a heart stroke. The researchers believe that all healthcare providers should include the marital status of a patient as a risk factor for all heart-related conditions.

Did you ever think that getting married has hidden health benefits for you? Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death for both men and women. It is a lethal condition not just in USA (Read facts on Heart diseases by CDC by clicking here) but also around the whole world. (Read WHO’s report by clicking here)

More than 80% of the heart problems are known to be caused by risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, aging, diabetes, blood pressure issues and others.

There are no studies, which investigated the marital status of an individual as an independent risk factor for developing a heart problem. For that reason, an international team of scientists conducted this experiment to analyze the marital life of heart patients.

This research was conducted through the collaboration between the University of Keele and the Academic Department of Cardiology at the Royal Stoke Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. A cardiovascular researcher Chun Wai Wong led this team. The results of this research are published in the journal “Heart. The complete research findings are available online. They are open to the public and you can read them by clicking here.

How was this study conducted?

This research involved checking the effect of marital status on heart disease. Wong and his team investigated 34 studies that include overall 2 million participants all between ages 42–77. The participants were from all across the globe.

The technique used to study was a pooled analysis. The results told that people who were single (by anyway i.e. by choice, divorced, windowed etc) were at 42% high risk of developing cardiovascular disease than married participants.

And not just this, the single, divorced or widowed people also had 16% higher risk of developing coronary artery disease and a 42% high risk of facing death from this disease. Additionally, these people had a 55% more risk to die from a heart stroke.

If you go to more details, a person-soon to become single i.e. divorce/separation/breakup- has a high risk of heart problems that are 35% more. All this statistics is not just about male patients but both men and women. A less talked about but very important risk factor was among those, which never marry. They had a risk of dying from heart attack by 42% more than people in relationships. Despite all these statistics, there was no prominent difference in the case of survival after a stroke.

What does the research tell?

The researchers focus on finding strengths and limitations of this research. They say that this is a study, which has never been talked about before. You can say that it’s the largest ever study and one of its own kind. Talking about the subjects, the access to the participants’ ethnicity and age makes this research applicable internationally.

The limitations of the study tell that they had no information if the same-sex marriages, civil marriages or other types of marriages in which quality of marriage is not predetermined.

Also, one ignored factor is when a person is living with someone rather than being married to him or her. There are chances that these study findings may relate to them too. Another limitation of this study tells that this study used observational methods so it is not technically that helpful to draw a conclusion on a mere scientific basis.

The researchers consider marriage as a leading protection from heart problems. They tell that when a person has better financial security when in a relationship. It also strengthens a prompt recognition of any health problem and taking any action to manage or treat them.




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