Air pollution can lead to hair loss, here is what you can do

Our planet is facing its worst economic problem. Sea level is rising, floods have become common thing and worst of all air pollution is making life miserable. All of these factors have affected our body in some way or the other. Now according to a new study, air pollution is also likely to affect the growth and strength of the hair.

The skin and hair are the first body regions to be exposed to air pollution. So it makes all the more sense for both of them to be affected by this environmental problem.

For skin, you can take a number of protective measures. Creams and lotions are easily available in the market at an affordable price. Fortunately, they may also yield positive results when used.

The problem, however, arises for hair. While you may have shampoos and conditioners, are they always effective in solving the problem?

There is little research available on this topic yet some studies have highlighted ways to protect hair from air pollution. We will consider those remedies in this article.

How is hair affected?

You are unlikely to cover your head when you go out in public. This makes them vulnerable to soot, dust and toxic gases. They may seep their way in causing scalp, dryness and even weakening of hair.

If you apply styling products, then the problem can be even worse. The chemical present in them can react with the polluted air causing permanent breakage. Collectively, all of these situations hinder the ability of the hair to produce fiber which holds the roots intact.

The situation can be severe in busy cities with bustling traffic and industries. Even to the extent that you may not be entirely safe at your home. The gas released from kitchen or tobacco smoke can cause equal amount of problem.

According to one scientist, the risk of hair damage due to environmental pollution is as likely as the damage inflicted on skin. Therefore it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself?

It is true that there is no running away from the pollution catastrophe. Yet steps in the right direction can help solve the problem to a great extent. All you need to do is follow them as they have been directed.

The following table highlights some of the protective measures you can take.

Cover your head

Yes, it is now more than important to be covering your head and protecting from necessary exposure. It is considered the best way to stop the inflow of polluted air particles.

Hydrate yourself

Staying hydrated is important at all times. This is because pollution may dry out your hair causing scalp and breakage. There is no way best way of treating except keeping yourself hydrated.

Deep conditioning method

Buy yourself a deep conditioner when you go shopping next. They offer plenty of benefits to your hair. Particularly, these conditioners are able to penetrate deep into your hair roots providing them with extra strength.

Manage your styling routine

Your hair will feel brittle after a long day out in the air. You would want to go to a stylist and get necessary styling done. That is fine but make sure to minimize the heat that your hair is exposed to.


Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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