Byte Aligners – Is it the best teeth alignment solution?

A smile can make life more beautiful. And there is more to a smile than just straight teeth. That is why many people strive to achieve a perfect smile they so desire and look for the best teeth aligners that can address their particular needs.

With tons of products out there and varying scientific approaches, choosing the right teeth aligners can be confusing, exhausting, and even expensive. A lot of information is available on the web but it is full of commercialism, complicated procedure, technical jargons, and unclear terms and conditions.

A few decades ago, the only way to get the teeth aligned was by visiting an orthodontist. Now, technology and scientific procedures have rapidly advanced and evolved to a point where it is now possible to perform the procedure from the comfort of one’s home.

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What are byte aligners?

byte offers a perfect solution for people who need alignment to achieve a better smile without having to pay several visits to an orthodontist and spending thousands of dollars in the treatment. byte’s aligners are developed from BPA free plastic to help shift the teeth little by little.

In order to qualify for the treatment, consumers can buy an impression kit and return it to byte as directed. Then a qualified medical expert will perform an examination to determine if that person is a candidate for the treatment.

Once approved, candidates can then buy the full treatment that comprises multiple aligners that are changeable every once a week. After the treatment is completed, byte provides a free retainer to retain the alignment. The following additional features are offered by byte:

  • Progress tracking
  • Teeth whitening
  • Personal patient portal
  • Aligner cleaner
  • Breath freshener
  • HyperByte accelerator device
  • byte-for-life, Lifetime Guarantee

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Are aligners safer than braces?

Every product is prone to some degree of health concern. And it makes sense to consider the adverse effects caused by braces as well as the adverse effects that the conventional braces might cause. Concerns about the safety of using aligners center on the material used in development.

Both aligners and conventional braces require the installation of foreign materials in the mouth for the long term. But when comparing the severity and frequency of allergic reactions and injuries, aligners do make a safer choice for people’s health as compared to the conventional ones.

Why byte aligners?

byte™ is a company that develops invisible aligners and it operates in the US nationwide. The main brain behind byte’s Smile Science technology is a world-renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jon Marashi. The complete Aligner System includes HyperByte accelerator (at no extra cost) device that helps to cut down the treatment time and reduce comfort from the treatment.

byte offers an evolutionary low-cost orthodontic treatment developed with the help of leading technology and orthodontic specialists. byte makes a great choice for those who require minimal to a moderate alignment of teeth.

What is Smile Science?

According to research, people with nice smiles are perceived to be smarter and more successful. But there is more to an attractive smile than straight teeth. Dr. Marashi has spent years designing smiles of some of Hollywood’s famous names.

He has developed a system that helps in determining the perfect smile for every individual so that no two smiles are alike. This is achieved by considering the overall features of the face that make everyone unique. Smile Science involves both aesthetics and science to help develop an amazing smile.

What is HyperByte?

The HyperByte is a vibrating mouth prop that uses High-Frequency Vibration or (HFV) as it’s known in the orthodontic world.  These tiny micro-pulses stimulate at a cellular level and help to not only reduce discomfort but also better seat (of fit) the aligners on your teeth.  This is what makes your teeth move faster. 

If you take the analogy of running on sand vs. running on a flat surface you can see how important traction is.  Aligners are the same way.  There are many cases in the industry where a patient’s aligners only fit about 80% of the teeth, and in turn, extends their treatment time wearing the aligners.  Where aligners that fit your teeth 100% the desired results come about more quickly, and with fewer issues.

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How do teeth aligners work?

Teeth aligners, such as the one’s byte and other competing brands develop, work by applying pressure to the teeth in certain ways to manipulate and guide their alignment in the mouth. These are custom made for each patient to be worn for a week or so.

New trays are fitted by the patient after the interval to further progress the process of alignment, as each tray will enclose some minor adjustments to move the teeth up to 0.25mm at a time. The process is repeated over the next few weeks until the alignment is complete. byte teeth aligners can be used to treat the following:

  • Crowding –  teeth that overlap
  • Protrusion – teeth that stick out
  • Spaced  – teeth that have gaps in-between them
  • Discoloration – yellow teeth
  • Moderate bite issues.

What this means is that byte orthodontic treatment can be effective and beneficial for people who might think their teeth are in really bad shape as it covers a range of dental defects. Although the mal-alignment of the teeth should be within a range of what’s possible under the treatment plan. Good oral hygiene is also very important.

Benefits of byte aligners

  • Appearance

Byte aligner is not easy to notice and is therefore virtually invisible.

  • Confidence

As it is not visible, wearing it does not make the wearers feel any less confident as compared to other traditional braces.

  • Easily removable

While the aligner should be worn for up to 22 hours every day, it can be removed for drinking, eating and teeth cleansing.

  • Comfort

The soft plastic material that is used is less likely to cut the cheeks, gums, and tongues. It has a smooth finish that does not feel rough like a metal brace.

  • Oral hygiene and maintenance

It is much simpler to clean the device and the teeth as it can easily be removed and requires a very small adjustment to a regular oral hygiene regime in maintaining the aligner and the teeth.

  • Eligibility

It is suitable and suggested for a large number of patients with a range of concerns.

  • Expert supervision

byte treatment plan is only available through an approved state licensed dental specialist to ensure that the patient is getting professional assistance in making the right adjustments.

  • Product variety

byte has developed its own proprietary technology in the HyperByte and smile science.  It also offers free retainers and teeth whitening (BrightByte) included in every treatment.

Pricing of byte aligners

byte provides a cost-effective alternative to other mail order aligner treatments with the price as low as $62 monthly fee and no down payment or free retainer. The cost incurred on the impression kit is fully refundable in case a person does not qualify for the treatment plan.

Final Verdict

byte makes an exciting addition to the teeth aligner industry and a great choice for consumers with its low-cost treatment plan, leading technology, a team of dedicated orthodontic specialists and free retainers.

A person is simply required to send in their impression kit along with a few photos to be examined by a board-certified dental professional. A set of aligners are then sent after a dental professional has approved the candidate. The process afterward is simple and straightforward.

byte employs a technology known as Smile Science in order to better determine what the alignment should be. Byte also offers a device called HyperByte accelerator device that helps to shorten the time of treatment. All these features make it the best choice for people who require nominal to reasonable dental alignment.

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