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Suicide rate highest for construction workers in US

Suicide is increasingly becoming a cause for worry. It is now among the leading causes of deaths in the USA. There can be a variety of reasons that contribute towards one taking his/her own life. Depression is the main contributor. Either way, it is important to acknowledge suicide as an alarming problem. Consequently, steps should be taken for its prevention.

Some professions have a higher rate of suicide rates than others. The work can be demanding and stressful at the same time. Which means, that the person feels under severe pressure.

CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention conducted detailed research on suicide in America. The scientists studied the causes of the problem. They also found the professions that were most likely to consist of suicide victims. The results might surprise some of the readers.

The profession with the most suicide rate

According to the study, construction workers have the highest suicide rate in the USA. No exact figures have so far been released. On an estimate, 45,000 Americans die every year by suicide. Most of them belong to the construction industry and work as labourers.

Teaching is considered to be the “safest” profession in that regard. It has the lowest suicide rate and the “most satisfied” work to perform. Teachers were also known to hit high on the “happy with their lives” index.

Coming back to construction workers again.

There is likely to be different categories within this job and the study classified miners and those working on high rise buildings to have the highest rate.

In the interviews that were given, the workers seem utterly dissatisfied with what they did. The salary problem is one major issue. The employer frequently refused to pay the employees on time and the amount remained meagre.

Apart from that work, working conditions were also abhorrent. Particularly, for miners, going deep down kilometers into the sand wasn’t considered desirable. For most miners, just imagining a scenario like that led to the accumulation of severe stress.

Preventing the rise in suicide rates

The next question you might pose: what can possibly be done about it?

It is first important to understand that suicide is a growing problem that needs to be actively addressed. The contributory factors should be worked upon with the affected person.

Since depression, in most cases, leads to suicide, it is pertinent to consult a psychiatrist.  That way the inner psychological issue can be properly identified.

Moreover, psychiatric therapy needs to be made affordable for all segments of the population. The workers are receiving a minimum wage that makes affordability a big issue. As an imperative, it is the duty of the government to provide proper access to cheap psychiatric therapy options.

In addition to that, there is a certain degree of responsibility that needs to be fulfilled by the employing companies.

Most of the workers are doing their jobs in unsatisfactory working conditions. The hygiene factor is never really considered and that makes the lives of the employees miserable. An unhygienic working environment can cause a number of health related issues. This holds case especially for those that have jobs in the mining areas.


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