Waist Trainers – Things You Should Know Before Buying

The modern-day lifestyles are very different from those of a decade ago. This is due to a variety of factors including new technology and advancements in many industries. The global health status also has variations with new challenges.

In addition, young adults today are also more conscious of their health and fitness. Even though they hardly find time for their selves due to work or school, they find one way or another to stay in shape. The previously mentioned developments help in doing this in many ways.

For example, many people struggle to get to their ideal waist size. Since exercising and going to the gym is particularly hard while juggling between social life and work, people seek other ways to get the body their desire. Such methods include using a waist trainer to get the perfect figure.

Anyone who is on social media sites knows about waist trainers. If you have an Instagram account, you have probably seen fitness models and bloggers promoting a number of products including waist trainers. Many celebrities are also wearing them in their Snapchat stories and Instagram gym selfies.

So, what is really the deal with these trainers? Many fitness companies also have them now and some of your friends with the best bodies own one too. If that many people are using it, it should be safe, right?

You may feel good about yourself and your body may look more toned while you wear a waist trainer under your clothes but you should know that it also has a number of risks. If you are thinking of investing in this product, you may want to read some of the drawbacks this article talks about.

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How Do Waist Trainers Work?

All people have different bodies and bone structures with varying fat contents. Throughout the centuries and decades, you may have seen that the ‘ideal’ body shape changes. There is no single definition of the ‘perfect’ body that fits the beauty standards worldwide.

All body shapes are beautiful and a healthy and well-functioning body is a good body. But it is also perfectly normal to want to look your best and work to get your ideal body proportions. In order to do this, many people follow a healthy diet and workout.

Both of these habits are healthy and can help you stay in shape. In addition, exercising and following a balanced diet will also boost your health while reducing your risk of multiple health conditions. This includes heart-related problems, obesity, diabetes as well as many types of cancers.

However, sometimes people do not have enough time to invest in themselves or simply cannot achieve what they desire. For instance, not all body structures can get a thigh gap – which was one of the main trends of the early 2010s – with both dieting and exercising.

In either of the situations, people tend to turn to alternative methods. Today, the ideal and most admired body shape is the hourglass body. This shape was also desired in the 1500s and brought back in the 1960s by Hollywood actresses.

To get the hourglass body, waist trainers are said to be helpful. These trainers are designed in a similar way to the corsets from the sixteenth century. The only difference is that the trainers are more updated and new technology and are much more comfortable to wear.

You can wear waist trainers anytime under your clothes. It has to be worn for longer periods of time to eventually shrink your waist and give you the perfect hourglass shape. As promising as it sounds, there may be multiple disadvantages of wearing a waist trainer.

Though the technology is new, it can have similar effects to that of wearing metal corsets to an extent. So, you may want to consider all of its impacts on your body before getting one yourself.

What Are the Effects Of Wearing Waist Trainers?

As tempting as it sounds, waist trainers come with a variety of risks. Some of them are as follows:


Most of the people are very happy to see the sweat as a result of wearing a waist trainer as it indicates potential weight loss. Yes, wearing a waist trainer will certainly help you lose water weight.

However, sweating too much can lead to severe dehydration, especially in the summers. This can further cause dizziness, fainting, headaches, fatigues, and seizures.

Irritation on skin

Most of the waist trainers are made out of Latex which is known to cause irritation on the skin. Wearing such tight trainers for hours can possibly cause chaffing, redness, and more reactions on your skin.

Furthermore, you may even develop a bacterial infection. So, the chances of skin issues are high. You may need to wash your waist trainer many times a week to keep it clean and reduce the risk.

Breathing issues

If you read about the 1500s, you will know the women wearing tight corsets often passed out or developed breathing issues. This is a thing common is both waist trainers and corsets. Though they come in sizes, waist trainers are often too tight for the body.

Wearing a wrong size or a tight waist trainer can affect the organs such as kidneys and livers by decreasing the blood flow. It may also diaphragm movements, causing you to inhale less than needed oxygen. Hence, you may potentially develop lung issues or faint randomly while wearing a waist trainer.

Mental effects

Since the hourglass is the ideal body figure, seeing yourself wearing a waist trainer is likely to make you happy. But this can also turn dangerous at times. Many people get addicted and obsessed with seeing themselves the way they do with a waist trainer.

This causes them to wear their waist trainers for long periods of time leading to numerous health issues. In addition, many people assume buying this product will change their body dramatically and reduce fat from one particular part.

Research shows that spot training is false. To lose from a particular spot, you will have to lose weight overall and to do that, exercising and dieting are mandatory. You cannot depend entirely on a product.

Are There Any Benefits Of Waist Trainers?

While waist trainers promoted on social media have a number of negative effects, using them for the right reasons may actually bring some benefits. For example, wearing a waist trainer of the right size that is not tight on the body can help correct your posture.

In addition, wearing a waist trainer while working out may also help in stabilizing the core muscles and the back. The only important thing before getting a waist trainer for such benefits is to get the right size as it can make a huge. It should also not be worn for long periods of time.

Always remember, the image promoted by social media is not the supreme and ultimate standard of beauty. Staying healthy and in shape is much more important.

Your body and shape are perfect as long as you are having a balanced and nutritious diet and getting enough physical activity. Do not degrade yourself over the ideal body images and try something that can possibly bring more harm than benefits for your body and health.


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Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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