6 Best Foods To Stay Full For A Longer Time

In modern times, people are much more aware of their health and different ways to maintain it. There are various factors behind this rise of information regarding healthy living. The biggest one of the availability of numerous facilities to enhance your knowledge.

In comparison with previous generations, people today have much more facilities. These are not just confined to the sources of information for health but also for various other things. For example, you also have the advantage of new and specialized-foods.

This means every person gets to enjoy various types of food without ruining their health. Even people suffering from conditions like diabetes can now get diabetic-desserts at restaurants.

Precisely, people look for more suitable foods for their daily intake. Since it is important to have healthy meals to stay fit, the debate about which foods are healthy is common. At times, some of the healthiest meals are not good for patients of specific health conditions.

However, the foods that everyone looks up are those which can help them stay full for a longer time. Such foods can stop you from consuming extra calories and losing weight.

In addition, if you have a busy lifestyle and usually do not have time to eat, these foods are a good choice. Not only will they keep you from picking empty calories during work but also stop hunger from affecting your work performance.

Which Foods Are the Most Fulfilling?

Hunger can make anyone pick the unhealthiest foods especially if you are in a lot of hurry. The young adults today do not have enough time to look after themselves. So, this is a common issue.

Therefore, it is good to know about healthy, fulfilling foods. Some of them are:


Pulses are a part of every healthy person’s diet for good reasons. They are highly nutritious and can be cooked in different ways to kick boredom and maintain a healthy diet as well.

Some of the most common pulses are chickpeas, beans, lentils, and peas. These also have high fiber and protein content. The carbohydrates present in it are digested slowly and can hence keep you full for a longer period of time.

Baked or boiled potatoes

Potatoes are rich in many nutrients including Vitamin C. In the list of which foods are the most fulfilling, boiled or baked version of potatoes top the list. Research shows that potatoes are the most effective in reducing hunger pangs in comparison with other foods.

Low-fat dairy

Certain low-fat dairy products can help you kick hunger for a period of time. One of the best examples of low-fat dairy products is Greek yogurt. Combining Greek yogurt with nuts and berries can also make a delicious and fulfilling meal.


Nuts are usually high in calories but are still a part of the diet of many fitness gurus. Why is this so? This is because nuts are filled with unsaturated fats and proteins. Both of these are great for health!

One way of eating nuts is during the meals for a healthy snack. Some of the most nutritious nuts are walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.


Ever wonder why eggs are a part of traditional breakfast in almost all countries? It is because not only are they rich in protein and good fats but also score well on the satiety index. Eggs in all forms will help you feel full for a long time.

High fiber foods

Dietary fiber is an essential part of the daily intake and helps in many of the functions in the body. This includes the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Most of the high fiber foods also take longer to digest and hence are helpful for satiety. Some of the common high fiber foods are legumes, oats, bananas whole-wheat bread, carrot, barley, rye, beetroot, and oranges.

Areeba Hussain

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