Can sparkling water be a replacement for soft drinks?

The soft drink industry is able to reap billions of profits every year. With an ever-growing customer base, it is difficult to predict its decline. Some people become so fond of sodas, that it becomes essential with every meal. No matter what part of the day, having a can of soft drink will be a must. But we are all aware of the dark side.

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar which makes it a high-calorie content. It can disturb the digestion process by promoting acidity in the stomach. Suffice to say, they are to be excluded from a healthy diet plan. But what about the alternatives to soft drinks?

Recent times have seen the gain in popularity for sparkling water. What is it and can it be replaced with regular sodas?
Let us find out.

What is sparkling water?

Sparkling water is also referred to as carbonated water. The carbon dioxide gas, kept well under pressure, is infused into the drink. This combined with a portion of salt makes it bubbly resembling a normal soft drink. Some companies will add other minerals and flavor(s) to even achieve a similar taste.

The question you will ask: what is so special about sparkling water?

Well for the starters, it contains no calories at all! Its just water containing gas and some essential minerals. So, if you are a diet conscious person aiming to lose weight then sparkling water may be the right option. Further to that, there are a number of other added advantages that you can utilize by drinking it.

Benefits of sparkling water

It can enhance swallowing

Sparkling water is suggested for people who have difficulty swallowing. This was confirmed by a study undertaken that asked a group of people to swallow different types of liquid. Among the samples that were tested included soft drinks and liquor. The findings revealed that sparkling water had the strongest ability to induce swallowing. It does so by stimulating the nerve receptors that are present in our mouth.

It makes you feel satiated

One of the major concerns people had with soft drinks is that they lead to greater hunger. Because they increase appetite, the person ends up eating more than usual. Now this problem can be actively solved by drinking a can of sparkling water. Some studies have reported that it helps lengthens the time for the food to stay in the stomach. At the same time, sparkling water kills further cravings for sodas. Since it provides with the necessary carbonated feel, people can increasingly rely on it for their satisfaction.

It does not affect dental hygiene

People often ask if sparkling water can be damaging for the teeth? Fortunately, the answer is a no. While the drink may contain some amount of acid, it is unlikely to yield any harm to the dental region. According to research, the acidity in sparkling water is similar to that of mineral. So, it will damage the enamel as much as mineral water does! There is no potential risk involved which you should be worried about.


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