Can cats sleep with humans in the same bed? Studies say yes

Cats and dogs are known to be among the friendliest pets out there. They can be a source of great emotional support. As one saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. You might know that if you have had the chance of keeping one as a pet. Dogs are obedient, loyal providing strong companionship. But what about cats?

There is not much research put into studying the behaviours of cats. Yet it is not to say that they are any less friendly. Cats may be vastly different from dogs in terms of behavioural traits and in lot other aspects. However, they can still be as loyal and a source of comfort than any other animal. Like dogs, they bring joy and a sheer amount of happiness.

All that discussion on one side. There are for sure a lot of inhibitions and questions you might have with regards to keeping a cat or any other pet in general. Among thousands of questions asked, there is one most frequently asked.

“Can cats sleep with humans in the same bed?”

Let us find what a recent study has to say.

Should cats be allowed to sleep with humans?

At first sight, you would see no harm in doing that. Why not allow something so close to you to sleep with you in the same bed? Interestingly CDC found that more than half of the cat owners in the US would be allowing their pet in bed.

Should that really be the case?

Let us first consider how doing this can affect a person’s sleep at night.

Dr Steve Weinberg is a professional veterinarian who practices at Los Angeles. He is also the founder of 911 Vet. He completed a thorough examination to answer the question of allowing cats to sleep in bed with humans. He collected answers by surveying a large number of pet owners all over the state of California.

The research findings provide with some good news for cat keepers! He agreed with the proposition that cats can be a great source of comfort for humans. It can make a person feel nice and cosy. Which in turn can be a booster for people suffering from the problem of sleep disruption. Because doing so can help bring down the stress level, a person is likely to regulate his/her sleep pattern. Overall, Dr Weinberg gave a green signal to allowing cats in bed.

The other side

No research findings will evaluate one certain topic without highlighting its drawbacks. While sleeping with a cat may yield a large number of benefits, there is another side to consider as well. Dr Weinberg was all in favour of cat and a human duo in bed yet he asks the readers to acknowledge some essential points.

Firstly, it is important to realize that cats (unlike most dogs) are nocturnal animals. That means they usually sleep during the day and become active during the night. What can happen as a result is that if your cat is rowdy and hyper, then that could possibly be a problem for you.

The second point relates to the hygiene of cats. Keeping a domesticated clean cat at your place and allowing it to sleep in the bed is fine. However, for stray cats who go outdoors often? You need to think twice before doing that. The stray cats may pick up certain germs from outside that can lead to further infections.


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