One egg a day lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes has seen a sharp rise in recent years due to various factors. Primarily the condition can be linked with obesity and inactive physical routine. The disease is characterized by the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin. As a result, this leads to a high sugar level in the blood.

All that one side, one common question that is often asked relates to the dietary plan. What one should eat when inflicted with the condition has often disturbed a lot of patients. For certainly you need to make dietary amendments. The gist is to keep a balance between the nutrients you take. A lot of carbohydrate intake can potentially worsen the problem.

There is a list of food items that are recommended for diabetic people. These foods can help lower blood sugar level providing some sort of relief from the disease. New research conducted at the University of Finland provides us with some interesting insight. Now it is revealed that one egg every day can considerably reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. So if you haven’t started eating egg already, start doing it from today.

How egg lowers the risk?

You will probably wonder how eggs can be beneficial in that regard. The york, particularly, is known to contain high levels of cholesterol which can be harmful to people with cardiovascular disease. The debate around advantages and disadvantages of eggs is an ongoing one. Yet, one should acknowledge the bioactive compounds that are loaded in this food item. Certain types of bioactive compounds can exhibit viable health benefits. Therefore, it is important not to solely judge eggs on the basis of the cholesterol level contained. There are some hidden benefits that one may not be aware of.

To investigate the cause further, a comprehensive research program was held at The University of Finland. A number of middle-aged men volunteered for the investigation and their blood samples were taken. Among the sample, the population were people inflicted with type 2 diabetes and ate one egg every day. To act as a control, blood samples of a group of middle-aged men free from the condition were also noted.

After a thorough examination, the audience was presented with some interesting findings. It was found that people who ate an egg every day had lipid molecules similar to that of diabetes-free population. Their blood samples sort of positively co-related. In addition to all of this, biochemical compounds that can possibly increase the risk were also observed. Compounds like amino acid tyrosine can increase the chances of infliction of type 2 diabetes.


This study can prove to be a groundbreaking discovery in the field of endocrine medicine. Previously, it was widely believed that diabetic people should stay away from eggs. The reason that was put forward was that it can increase the cholesterol level which can indirectly worsen the complications. The research findings of the University of Finland states otherwise.

What we can draw as a conclusion is that first eggs are not as harmful as they are perceived to be. The biochemicals present in this food item have positive results in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.



Areeba Hussain

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