Short height people more likely to go bald- study reports

The problem of hair loss is not something that only women are worried about. Now men have to face the issue in equal capacity. Baldness has become a real cause for concern now increasingly occurring due to a variety of reasons. The chances of anyone getting bald certainly depends upon the person’s physical aspects. In a new study, it was revealed that if you are short height, your chances of being bald automatically multiply.

The Overview of the Study

The study was conducted in the University of Bonn and was documented in the Nature Communications journal. Genetic materials of 20,000 men were investigated. Among the volunteers were people belonging to different countries. Around half of them have had symptoms of premature baldness. The rest of the volunteers had no hair and served as the control for the experiment.

While you have possibly heard of other illnesses (like cardiovascular disease) to be linked with short height. To make the matters worse, now baldness is one other complication, short people need to be worried about. This was proved in the genetic data of the 20,000 volunteers that were collected.

There were alterations observed in the human genome. Scientists associated with the research came up with 63 of them. These alterations were considered to be responsible for premature hair loss in short people. Alongside some of the alterations found, were also linked with a range of other complications including early stage puberty. Scientists at University of Bonn are coming up with possible reasons to explain such phenomena. However, to answer why that is the case, more research evidence is needed.

In addition, there was one other thing distinct about people who had an increased risk of baldness. Prof. Nothen, Director of the Genetics Program at the University of Bonn explains that. According to him, the people who were at a risk, had fair skin tone and higher bone density. The reason is simple and straightforward. Men who had suffered the problem of hair loss were, however, able to absorb more sunlight as a result. They were able to use this sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D. This, in turn, meant that they had higher bone density compared to other people.

Important Takeaways

There are some other vital things to note from the study that was conducted. Baldness surely had a link with short height as the study confirmed. To add to that, it also multiplied the risk of prostate cancer. For some alterations in the genomes that were observed, a link with higher chances of cardiovascular illness was also observed. Yet more research-based evidence is needed to accurately confirm the hypothesis.

The other important takeaway is the biological causes for hair loss that were identified through the study. Thanks to the efforts of the scientists involved, we are now well aware of all the genes that contribute to this condition. Furthermore, baldness does also come about as a result of fat cells present in the scalp region. The cells of the hair follicle also exhibited an abnormal structure which may to some extent explain the phenomena.

The gist of the discussion is that short height people have an increased risk of baldness. Yet, one should not understand the condition to be solely dependent upon one factor. There are far other risk aspects that can be viable contributors.




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