How to improve muscle endurance?

It’s new year! You will probably be hitting the gym like hundreds of other people. Keeping yourself fit is essential. It protects you from a range of illnesses that can potentially cause serious damage to your body.

If you are a beginner and going to the gym for the first time, then you will likely face some problems. The two problems that mainly arise include lesser stamina and endurance. Both of these aspects can considerably hinder your workout performance.  There are numerous ways to follow to improve your stamina. The best and the easiest remedy is to stick with your workout routine. Gradually with time, your ability improves.

What about muscle endurance?

Well, enhancing muscle endurance can be a bit challenging for some people. You need to keep in mind certain tips that will help you in achieving the desired purpose.

Let us first consider what really is muscle endurance?

It is defined as the ability of the body muscles to absorb the contractions against any resistance for longer periods of time. When we talk about muscle fitness, one of its main components is the endurance aspect. The two other being strength and power.

Sounds a bit technical at this point but it will become clear once we proceed with further discussion.

The types of muscle endurance

Let’s dwell in the world of fitness When we talk about cardio-training, muscle endurance would refer to the extent you can sustain yourself during any exercise in one single go. Say, you are doing bar curls for building up your biceps. How many repetitive circles of bar curls you can perform will ultimately depend upon how strong your muscle endurance is. Other examples could be the number of pushups you can do in one single set, number of full squats etc.

If you are not already aware, there is a whole list of cardio-fitness exercises. The prominent ones being running, jogging, cycling or swimming. Muscle endurance for such activities will henceforth be called cardiovascular endurance. If you continue performing these types of workout you will primarily be working on building the muscle fibers and capillaries. In turn, helping increase the energy powerhouse that will allow you to perform better in the future.

How to measure muscle endurance?

It might look strange at first sight. Can something that has no physical existence be measured in any way?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! Now with the advancement in research, you can accurately measure muscle endurance. Thanks to the efforts of American College of Sports Medicine, there are ways you can comprehensively deal with this issue. There are guidelines to follow for both muscle endurance and strength testing. The results you can use to analyze how well you are performing. At the same time allowing you to look out for ways to improve on your ability.

To start off, there is no device that can perform this function. Nothing to be worried about. The pushup guideline mechanism is a way to measure muscle endurance. Since this exercise makes you use of a majority of the bodily muscles, it can be used as a viable predictor.

The trick is simple. The time is set for somewhere between 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds. Start doing pushups until you have no more capacity to perform. Once you retain standing position, that is considered to be the ending point.

One thing to note. Doing the test for the first time will in itself won’t tell you anything. This criterion is used as a benchmark for future performances. The higher the number of pushups you perform, the better your muscle endurance. All that is required is to keep track of the total reps you are able to carry out within the time limit.

Improving endurance

You now know the easy trick of measurement. The next step entails improving your performance by enhancing endurance through different means. Fortunately, there is not a lot you have to do in that regard. In the initial stage, you need to be following a technique of lower intensity strength training. The first step requires you to know the maximum capacity you can work on. Let’s say the maximum weight you can Bench Press is 30kgs. You need to lower the weighty by almost 50%. Which means a reduction in 15kgs. Then start performing the exercise. The reason why it is called lower intensity is that it is considerably easy to carry out.

So how do runners or cyclists improve their endurance? The procedure is pretty much the same. You need to lower the maximum capacity by bringing it down to half. Say you can run at a max speed of 18 km/h. For the first stage, you should be running somewhere around 8 to 9km/h. Follow the pattern for a timespan of week or two. Then gradually afterwards increase your pace. Altogether, this helps build strong muscle endurance.

Resistance training

The light intensity strength training is a good way of starting any cardio-exercise if you are a beginner. It helps you prepare for the later stage which can be considerably demanding. The resistance training henceforth is the second stage in the endurance buildup process. It is based upon 5 principles which you need to keep in mind when performing. The principles are mentioned as follows.

  1. Exercise selection
  2. Loading and volume
  3. Resting
  4. Frequency intervals
  5. Repetition velocity.

Resistance Training has been approved by many experts as the single most effective procedure of increasing endurance. If you are able to successfully account for the above five steps, then you will be able to achieve the desired result in the lowest possible time.

Exercise Selection

Choose the exercise based on the muscles that you want to build endurance of. In other cases, you can shift from one activity to another on a weekly time basis. Start off with the limbs, move upwards to the abdomen finally reaching the shoulders.

Loading and Volume

In this stage, you shift to different loads at regular intervals. You can start off with the novice training with relatively lighter weights. Finally, shift on to higher weights with 25 reps per every set.


Resting or rest period here refers to intervals of high training followed by moderate in turn followed by lighter. This is considered to be useful in achieving the goal of muscle endurance.

Frequency Intervals

Frequency Intervals are useful in building up larger muscles of your body. Again this interval is characterized by three further stages. Beginner, intermediate and advance. Each stage has a specified time period for an all body workout.

Repetition Velocity

Carry out exercises at different speed. For example, perform 15 reps of bar curls in a minute.


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