What to look out for in running shoes?

You cant possible sideline the benefits of running. Certainly, this cardio exercise can help you achieve the goal of weight loss. Often professionals consider running to be among the top activities that aid in faster burning of calories. So if you are someone who is looking for a good perfectly toned body, then start running now!

Running surely has a lot of benefits to offer. Yet, people will come up with all sorts of complaints once they resort themselves towards this exercise. Joint, leg, foot pains are some of the common things you will get to experience or hear. While there a number of factors that come into play, there is one other thing to consider. The shoes you choose to wear can have a great impact. If they are not the ones as recommended by professionals then you might experience all the mentioned pains. It is thereby pertinent to be selective to enough to pick the right running shoes.

Why are proper running shoes important?

Before you set foot on the ground you need to equip yourself with some essentials. A sports gear consisting of shoes, shirt and shorts are a must. If any of the three do not match the requirements then you might be in a bit of frustration. Proper shoes can make you either hate running or fall in love with this exercise. It is not even about spending a huge sum of money on buying the proper wear. If you keep certain tips in mind, then you are all ready to go!

If you visit the market, what you have available is a variety of running shoes. There are all sorts of brands present that will promise you on offering the “best one.” What people normally look for is the long lasting ability and a stronger grip. True both of them are important yet there are other things that you should not sideline.

Let us now consider some of the factors that you should note when buying running shoes for yourself. These factors ultimately decide what the lifespan of the running shoes is.

Runner’s weight

What the weight of the runner is can profoundly impact the lifespan of the running shoes. Meaning by, a heavier runner is likely to exert more pressure onto his/her shoes. This exertion of force can in turn lead to damage in the form of wear and tear. Think of it this way. According to one professional, when you start running, you put five times your body weight on to your shoes. That’s a lot, right?

So whenever you decide on what shoes to buy, keep your body weight in mind. Buy the ones which are more durable and can absorb a large amount of pressure.

The age of the shoe

Needless to say, the age of the shoe will also determine how long it will last. That is to say, if you have been using shoes for quite a long time, then now is the time to change them. You get to hear one rather interesting thing from runners. They would argue that their old shoes help them run more easily. The shoes are comfortable, so they do not need to buy new ones. Understandable but by doing this you are actually putting your feet at considerable risk.

Your shoes are like the tires of a car. The longer you use them, the more the wear and tear. A time will come when they are unable to provide the maximum support needed.

Running shoes are subjected to oxidation due to weather changes. As time passes, they will lose their cushioning ability unable to give you a proper balance while running. So do yourself some good and buy new shoes if they have been with you for a long time. Professionals would argue that running shoes should be with a person for not more than a year and a half.

Running technique

If you haven’t already known, how you run will affect your shoes’ lifespan. Here attention needs to be drawn towards people who run improperly. They might not be aware but this can lead to bodily complications like disoriented joints along with pains. At the same time, the lifespan of the running shoes is considerably shortened.

You need to keep a lot of things in mind to achieve a perfect posture. Firstly, the impact with the ground should always be light-footed. When you take a step and make contact do it in a way that only a little pressure is exerted onto the surface. The contact should be made with your front part of the foot touching the ground first. Do not bump or hit with force. Just a light exertion. Consider it as brisk walking and not jumping! If the running posture is not maintained then you will exert your entire body weight onto the ground. As you know, the shoes absorb pressure five times your weight, then the lifespan is surely likely to shorten.

It might seem easier on paper but achieving a proper running posture demands a lot of effort. Consult your training professional first. He/she is likely to help you better in that regard.

The ground surface

Building upon the above discussion, it can be reasonably inferred that running surface can also have an impact. Where you run (or jog) is likely to determine the lifespan of the running shoes you wear. Not all shoes are made to be used for all surfaces. There is a different kind depending on the surface you will choose.

If you run on an uneven, rough ground then your shoes are likely to undergo wear and tear. That is one reason why people will also normally experience pain as a result. Moreover, if the conditions are wet and rainy, then it is advisable to stay indoors. Not all shoes have the ability to absorb water which can have an effect on the stability factor. Moreover, running on wet grounds also make you prone to injuries since the surfaces are likely to be slippery. Altogether, it is important to keep in mind where you run when deciding what shoes to buy.

Fortunately, the different types of shoes available in the market have made the lives of the runners far easier. Now the shoe industry is manufacturing shoes depending upon where they will ultimately be used. For example, if you plan on running on inclined surfaces, then there are joggers made according to that. If you are more of a treadmill person, then you need to buy shoes that will suit the treadmill conditions more.

Areeba Hussain

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