How to fall asleep at night easily?

Having trouble falling asleep? Do you put yourself to bed and wait for hours before you actually dose off? Has this problem persisted for a particularly long time?

If the answer to the above three questions is a yes then this article is the all you need guide. For certain, insomnia has troubled a large chunk of the population globally. At times, doctors would recommend a number of medicines to help overcome the problem. The issue is that not all of them are 100% effective. Even if some of them are, there are always associated side effects to consider. As a result, it makes it all more important to look for other readily-available alternatives. Unlike, synthetic medications, these natural remedies do not have any complications attached!

We all are aware of how vital is sleep for our body. Without a good amount of sleep, you find yourself unable to function properly. Think of your body as a machine that can for obvious reasons not work 24/7. After several instances, it would need time to rest as to revitalize itself.

Before we proceed towards any further discussion, let us look at some rather interesting facts about sleep.

Facts to keep in mind

  1. The number of hours of sleep a healthy person needs ranges somewhere from 6 to 8 hours.
  2. Around 50% of the world population is getting sleep that is less than 6 hours. So if you are reading this article, do not consider yourself as alone.
  3. In a person’s entire lifespan, about 1/3 of his/her life is spent sleeping.
  4. There is a thing known as rapid eye movement (REM) that you experience once you fall asleep. A healthy person’s REM cycle would start about after 90 minutes of falling asleep. It would continue for almost 2 hours.
  5. Ever wondered why you would need something to cover yourself even during summers? That is because your body temperature reduces when you fall asleep. According to medical science, the optimum temperature to have a better sleep is 16-18 degree Celsius.
  6. Chronic level of insomnia can be a contributory factor for several serious illnesses like Alzheimer.
  7. Sleeping is good and healthy. On the other hand, power naps also have a number of advantages to offer. A 20-minute power nap can make you feel alerted and refreshed. In fact, it is equivalent to having two cups of coffee.

How to fall asleep better?

You are sort of aware of how important is sleep for your body. There is no denying in the fact that everyone needs to sleep for a decent amount to sustain the bodily functions. Failing to do so can be consequential. If the lack of sleep develops into a chronic illness, then your body is at risk of severe complications.

The following are some of the tips that can help you fall asleep easily.

Decrease coffee intake

Who doesn’t want to start off their day with a cup of coffee? Nearly everyone. For a lot of people, both of these drinks happen to be an energy booster. They can help people stay alert and focus throughout the day. While coffee certainly can make you achieve most of these functions, there is an apparent dark side that you should keep in mind.

Coffee can become a problem if you start drinking it regularly as a habit. The reference is towards people who on daily basis will consume about 4 to 5 cups. If you are among such group of people then your sleep pattern is likely to be disrupted as a result. There is no particular harm in consuming a cup or two. However, when this limit increases more than that, then you should consider keeping a check on yourself.

Caffeine is able to stay in the blood for about 6 hours. It starts exhibiting its function hence keeping the person stay alerted.

The next question is what is the solution out of it?

While for the starters, if the sleeping schedule is severely disturbed then stop drinking coffee altogether. If that seems impossible, then as mentioned earlier cut it down to 2 cups per day. Caution needs to be taken to not drink a cup after 3 pm. Try buying decaf if you solely enjoy coffee for its taste.

Open windows before going to bed

Are you aware that opening the windows before the bed can do miracles? The fresh air that will be able to circulate in your room can help you put to sleep more easily. As someone once rightly pointed out, there is nothing as refreshing as experiencing clean air. The relatively cold air at night helps induce a longer and more pleasant sleep.

So what you need to do is open the windows around 10 minutes before you put yourself to bed. That is to lower the room temperature.  Make sure the windows are open in such a way that the direction of the wind is towards the room.

If you live in a green area with lots of trees, you might never need an AC in the first place!

Yoga before bed

What can be more relaxing than a 15-minute sessions of sensual yoga? People often mistake this meditating activity as more of a morning thing. While, yes people normally do it right when they wake up and it is certainly beneficial. However, you do not really have to perpetually stick by that.

According to new scientific research, yoga before can bed can be equally beneficial. People who perform yoga before bed claim that the sleep they have is like nothing else. It is peaceful, relaxing and waking up in the morning can be particularly refreshing.

So, as an imperative, include yoga (or any meditating activity) in your daily routine right before bed. If you aim at freeing yourself from the entire day’s stress then yoga is the best remedy you have available.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol

The usual trend nowadays is going out for drinks at a bar late at night. It sounds fun to most people. The common myth is that alcohol induces a good long sleep at night You need to keep aside this myth and consider something more realistic.

Then again, one or two drinks of light liquor are fine. Do not overconsume! While you might doze off to bed after you are done but the nights to follow are pretty hard for some people to follow. Firstly, those who underwent such experiences reported waking up with higher levels of anxiety and mood swing. Afterwards, there were days when people found it rather difficult to put themselves to bed.

Thereby making it a point to not overconsume alcohol before going to bed.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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