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3 proven ways for stronger and longer hair

Tired of continuous hair fall? Have your shampoo and conditioner failed to achieve what you want? Are you looking for ways to enhance hair growth? If the answers for all these questions are yes, then you are at the right place.

Who doesn’t want stronger hair? Women, particularly, are found to be extremely worried about this situation. Not only do they want stronger hair but in addition look for ways to increase length as well. There are obviously ways to overcome this problem, however, not all remedies turn out to be effective. Some actually may not yield any benefit at all. In that case, it becomes pertinent to spend money on the right products to get exactly what you want.

This article is going to highlight some tips for faster and stronger hair growth. If you follow these steps properly, then you may never need to be worried about this problem in the future!

How much time does it take for hair to grow?

You probably have wondered about this question. All the remedies on one side, what is the normal time for hair to grow properly?

A hair stems from a hair follicle. You have about millions of these follicles all over your body. Yet the most are concentrated in your head region. In a study, it was estimated that a normal human being will have 100,000 head hair follicles. The next question you will ask: whether your body produces new ones when hair stops growing from them? Unfortunately, no. The number of follicles you have right now will remain the same till the day you die.

From this hair follicle, a hair will grow about a length of half an inch every month. By the end of the year, you will have a 6-inch-long grown hair! For obvious reasons, this growth rate will still depend upon a variety of factors. Scientists have mainly identified three of them.

  1. Your age. Older people will tend to have a more stunted hair growth.
  2. The type of hair (silky, curl, straight).
  3. Health condition. Whether you are inflicted with any medical disorder. Chemotherapy e.g. that treats cancer can affect hair growth.

People would often ask whether gender has any role to play. The answer is no. While it may appear women have faster hair growth, there is no direct relation with gender that can be attributed.

How does a hair grow?

There are three stages that ultimately lead to fully grown hair.

Anagen: This is the active growth stage which you will experience from somewhere between 2 to 8 years.
Catagen: This is the transitory phase where the growth is stunted. Usually lasts for almost 4 weeks.
Telogen: The dormant stage where the hair starts to shed off. Can continue for 2 months.


How to increase the primary hair growing stage? (Anagen)

If you want to elongate the Anagen phase then there are some considerations you need to account for. Firstly, it really depends on what your hair length is. Whether the follicles that are present have the ability to reproduce hair cells.

When a hair starts to grow initially, the matrix cells get rid of their structure. This allows the hair to reach the upper region of the hair follicle. Combining with keratin, this leads to a fully grown strand of hair.

There is not much known scientific research to support the extension of the Anagen phase. However, for certain, there are remedies that may help achieve the desired purpose. Let us now look at some of the ways to have stronger hair.

Tips for stronger hair

We all want to find quick direct solutions for stronger hair. Although there is no one single way to achieve that purpose yet there are ways you can certainly make use of. These steps if followed in the right direction can help enhance the keratin level in the hair.

Needless to say, always consult your doctor before you make any significant lifestyle changes.

Include Vitamins and Minerals in your diet

Yes, you can’t aim for stronger hair without including vitamins in your diet. These vitamins provide with the essential energy the hair needs to strengthen itself.

People will tell you about a lot of vitamins and minerals you should be ingesting. Yet, what is important at this point, is to understand that not all of them work properly. You might be spending loads of money buying them that yield no result at all.

Following mentions some of the vitamins for stronger hair.

  • Vitamin C: Contains antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress hence lessening hair loss.
  • Iron: Anemia (iron deficiency) in a variety of cases has been linked with frequent hair loss.
  • Omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids are important to improve hair density.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin acts as a counter to Alopecia. In this condition, the person experiences bald patches on the head. The illness can result from a severe deficiency of vitamin D.

Herbal Oils

You certainly can’t overlook the benefits some herbal oils have to offer. They can be effective in the majority of the cases. Though, you might have to wait considerably longer for them to exhibit any meaningful change.

The essential herbal oils which are recommended for hair damage are mentioned as follows.

  1. Coconut
  2. Sunflower
  3. Castor
  4. Rosemary

There are certain precautionary steps you need to keep in mind before applying these oils. It is advisable not to put them directly onto the skin. Try diluting them with either shampoo or jojoba oil. Use only a few drops during every episode. In a week, use not more than twice or thrice. Look for any allergies you might have with either of these oils. If one doesn’t suit your need, switch to the other.

Protein Treatment

This is one other way of reducing hair loss. Protein is believed to be effective in aiding hair growth and protecting any external damage. Protein treatment becomes necessary for people who go for styling often. Moreover, a lot of exposure to the sun can also drain the hair of the essential protein.

Protein treatment products are widely available at medical stores or online. Coconut oil, on the other hand, can also help in achieving this purpose. Coconut helps recover the protein that has been lost from the hair particularly after washing.

The takeaway from this discussion is that protein treatment can be a lot effective in achieving stronger hair. Yet, you should keep one thing in mind. A large amount of protein can actually be damaging for the hair. It can sometimes cause the hair to become extremely brittle. The best way to replenish the lost protein is to include natural sources in your daily diet. Try avoiding supplements.

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