Adults Can Become the Victim of Depression Due to Medications- Warns the Study

Are you an adult who is on medication? You might be taking medicines for a number of reasons. Possibly because you are a patient of blood pressure? Or perhaps, it’s because of the anxiety attacks that you get? The reasons could vary.

However, have you ever asked your doctor about the possible side effects of the medicines that you take? Or did you ever did some research on the side effects of these medicines? If no, then it’s better to at least ask questions about the possible side effects of the medicines that you take from your doctor first.

You might be questioning yourself right now that, but why should you do that? Or what’s the use of finding of the side effects of these medicines?

The reason is that more than 200 medications which are common and are taken for treatment in the United States indicate that people taking such medications can potentially lead them towards depression.

Mark Olfson, another researcher, says that the risk keeps getting higher with the intake of your medication. The more you take these, the more the rate of getting depressed becomes high.

A survey was done on 26, 192 adults who had taken part in a survey called National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, and the Journal of American Medical Association included that survey in their study, which showed that people mentioned about them experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts as a result of the side effects of the medicines that they were taking.

Olfson also mentioned that people who were on three or more than three medications had three times higher the chance of being affected by the depression as a consequence. Contrary to this, people who didn’t use any sort of medicines had only 5% of the chance of getting depressed as compared to people who had 15% chances of getting depressed in case of using medicines.

This study, however, doesn’t determine that the same medicines can be the cause of the depression. Because, as per Olfson, for determining the cause of depression, it is essential to follow people from the time when they start taking medicines.

What should you do?

What are we, as individuals, supposed to do?

If one were to carefully study what’s being presented by the researchers then this study at least should provoke the one studying to question his/her health caregiver about the kind of medicines that they prescribe and the side effects of taking these medicines alongside.

It is necessary, so that you may discuss the potential outcomes of what you are going to choose for yourself or probably, you can also discuss about the alternatives with your doctor if you can avoid taking such medicines at all cost.

Or probably you can choose a different way of treatment where such medicines can be skipped for better health. Whatever the case is, you should consult your doctor first and foremost and follow the prescription that he suggests.

What can you do as an alternative to medicine?

This is the question which might have popped up in your mind right after reading the last few lines. Right? The answer to this question has been answered by Mordecai already. For example: if you are a blood pressure patient, you can go for a change in your diet plan, opting for the reduction in your salt intake, and some exercise.

This will aid you in either reducing the medicine that you’ve been prescribed or get rid of that altogether. You can apply the same strategy, after consulting with your doctor, for your other illnesses as well. In this way, you can avoid drugs and their side effects as well.


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