Women ignore heart attack symptoms for 37 minutes more than men


A heart attack is a severe medical condition and many complications are caused because of misrepresentation of the symptoms. The European Society of Cardiology mentioned in a press release that generally people take long to seek medical help in a heart attack and this is more common in women.

The same research also says that women are less likely to survive from a first heart attack, which is contrary to men. However, heart conditions are life taking for both sexes. The reason why heart attack symptoms are a little different in women is not yet known.

A recent study published in the European Heart Journal, tells that women having a heart attack wait for 37 minutes more than men to report it. They don’t seek any medical help for all this time, which is why their heart attacks are riskier. A heart attack requires an urgent treatment which if delayed can cause death.

Symptoms of heart attack in women

In this study, the research team also found that women have some different symptoms of a heart attack than men. Although both women and men show the same level of pain in a heart attack, this pain location may be different for both.

In men, this pain is felt more in the chest and left arm. These are common symptoms of heart attack. But for women, back, neck, shoulder and even stomach pain are also symptoms of a heart attack.

The purpose of this study was to find out what causes a delay in medical help when people experience a heart attack. The delay time starts from the very minute when the onset of symptoms begins and end when a contact with a hospital, emergency medical service, or general practitioner is made.

Findings of the study 

In this particular experiment, more than 4,360 adults were examined between 2000 and 2016. It was to determine how long men and women suffering from heart attack wait till they ask for a help. The research team also analyzed system delays, which mainly means the time that doctors took to treat the heart attack.

The outstanding results of this study showed that both women and men experienced the same reductions in system delays over the 16-year period. There wasn’t as such a gender difference in the delivery of treatment from health professionals to the patients. But it was also noted that women delay a medical help for minimum 37 minutes to maximum one hour.

This patient delay among women is also a big reason that adds to a high mortality rate of women. As per stats, this rate for women is 5.9 percent against 4.5 percent for men.

These research findings show that it is necessary to understand and recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. It will save the time and the patient will get a treatment as soon as possible. It may also save the patient’s life.


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