Five exercises for a perfectly toned body

Obesity happens to be a serious problem that at the same time demands serious actions to be taken. If nothing is done about it then a person suffers from a number of consequences. One rather easy and most popular solution is to resort to physical exercise. In fact, it is recommended for everyone to spend a significant portion of their daily routine exercising.

The problem isn’t how much time you should spend doing a physical workout. Well, that can be an issue for some people, but it is a topic for later discussion. What really frustrates people is: out of hundreds of exercise techniques, which ones are the most effective. Particularly, if you are aiming for a toned body, then this problem is something you should seriously consider. Not all exercises will help you achieve your desired. You really need to be careful about that!

There are fivereally simple toning exercise methods which you need to follow. If you perform them properly then you will notice meaningful changes within a month’s time. Do them on daily basis (you can skip the weekends). If that sounds too harsh, at least carry out these exercises twice every week. You will find that your muscle has gained endurance and your body starts shedding off extra fat.

Top 5 exercises for a toned body

They aren’t that hard to perform. Actually, you might have at some point in your life carried them out. The sneaky trick is to abide by the basic rules. Do not overexert your body for that can create long-term problems.

Let us now look at the top 5 exercises.


For every exercise, you need to keep an adequate amount of balance between your limbs. This helps promote endurance as well as retaining strength. Lunges do exactly that by requiring balance to perform.

How to perform lunges?

  • Maintain an erect position with arms by your side and leaving your shoulders in a relaxed position.
  • The next thing you have to do is bend your right knee and lean frontwards. It is vital to maintaining a position such that while bending, the thighs are exactly parallel to the ground. Do not bend to the extent where your knees cross the foot benchmark.
  • With the help of your right foot, push yourself upwards to retain the position as mentioned in the first step. You are now done with one Do it for the left leg now
  • Perform about 30 reps, which mean 15 with either foot.


Pushups make it second on our list of top toning exercises. Certainly, if there is one exercise that tones the entire body that has to be pushup. It is good for achieving whole body muscular strength. All that on one side, pushups are really easy to perform yet people are unable to follow the required steps. What happens when you don’t maintain the right position is that your back starts aching. This pain can last for days making you immobile at times.

Therefore, follow the accurate steps as mentioned below.

  • The plank position should first be maintained. This requires keeping your neck straight with eyes looking down at 90 degrees angle. The back must be kept straight with a minimum distance between the legs.
  • With the help of your elbow, push yourself downwards. It is important to note here that the distance between elbows should be moderate but aligned with each other. They should not be wide apart nor too close to each other.
  • Once your chest is about to touch the floor, pull yourself upwards to achieve position number one.
  • Ideally, do 20 reps in one set. For best results, you should be doing 3 sets every day.


If there is an all body exercise next to pushups, then that has to be squats. Squats help in building up the lower body strength as well as enhancing stamina. It is one exercise that will aid in achieving a perfectly toned body. As squats require the use of the largest body muscles, you end up burning a lot of calories. A person weighing 160lbs will burn 230 calories in just 15 minutes!

  • The first step is to stand up straight with legs open in a way that the feet are more than shoulder-width apart. At this point, the arms should be kept at your sides.
  • Aim for an outward chest with a raised chin. Your back should be kept well straight to avoid pain later. Clasp both your hands together.
  • Now you are ready for the downward propelling movement. To do so, use your hip muscles to propel yourself downwards as if you are going to sit on a chair. Bend your knees to the extent that the thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Pull yourself upwards to achieve a position as mentioned in step number 2. Give yourself a 2 to 3 seconds break to start the rep all over again. Do 20 reps in one set for the next 3 sets for maximizing toning result.

Dumbbell Presses

This is one other exercise that will help you achieve your desired result. The only difference compared to normal dumbbell press is that it is carried out while standing. By performing it, you make good use of your shoulder and arm muscles. Also strengthening the core back muscles.

Follow these steps for a proper standing dumbbell press.

  • Use the dumbbell weight you are comfortable lifting. Maintain a standing position with your legs perfectly aligned and joined together.
  • Now push your arms upwards. In the mid-position, your arms should be parallel to the floor. Next stretch your arms until they are extended well above your head. Your head or neck should not be moving at this point.
  • Once your rep is complete, give a small pause for about 5 seconds. After the weight is brought down, relax your triceps and shoulder muscles.
  • For every set do 10 reps. Aim for 3 sets.


You all have heard about sit-ups. They are considered to be one of the most basic exercises available for attaining a toned body. Yet a lot of people will still end up doing them incorrectly.

  • Lie down on the ground with a mat underneath. Bend your knees with feet lying flat. Your hands at this point should be behind your head.
  • By maintaining this position, propel your head forwards with your hands. Bring your chest up to your legs. Make sure that during this entire process, your back remains erect. Otherwise, it can cause a sheer amount of pain afterwards.
  • If you are a beginner, start with 15 sit-ups reps for one set. Like other exercises, it is advisable to perform 3 sets in one episode.


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