What Is Lavender Essential Oil Good For?

In the past ten years, the lifestyles of people have considerably changed. One of the most significant changes that came about in the 2010s was the switch to natural and alternative therapies. During this time, a lot of people also started using essential oils. By far, the lavender essential oil is the most common around the globe.

Discovering the benefits of the lavender essential oil is not actually a recent thing. Even the people from 2,500 years ago knew about the wonders of this oil. It is not only antimicrobial and antidepressant but also a powerful antioxidant and much more.

This is why the lavender essential oil has been used for many different purposes. This includes both cosmetic and therapeutic procedures. For centuries, civilizations used it for a number of things.

For example, the lavender essential oil was used for mummification as well as a perfume by the Egyptians. There are some reports that say King Tut’s tomb also had a faint smell of lavender when it was opened in 1923. How amazing it is that the smell was present even after 3000 years!

What Were the Early Uses of Lavender Essential Oil?

There is also a big amount of research on the lavender essential oil – both early and modern. The earlier ones tend to highlight and focus mostly on the antibacterial properties of the oil. From the text, it is also clear that the lavender plant itself was used for many medicinal purposes.

According to the old texts, the plant and leaves of the lavender plant were specifically used as a medicine. Decoctions for rheumatism and digestive system complications were prepared by using these two ingredients as well.

The lavender flowers themselves were also popular and used widely for many different purposes. The flowers were used for cosmetic as well as decorative purposes.

In addition, the Romans even used lavender for purifying the air, adding aroma to food, and for baths. Some people also believed that lavender plants draw away negative spirits and energy.

Lastly, most of the people will know that the lavender essential oil was also one of the aromatics for anointing and healing that are mentioned in the Bible.

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What Are the Current Uses of Lavender Essential Oil?

In the modern day world, the use of lavender oil has increased. A person may use the oil in even more different ways. The current research has unveiled further benefits of the lavender essential oil.

Consequently, the bottle of oil is present at spas and aromatherapy centers as well as many of the common households. A person may reap the benefits simply by rubbing 2-3 drops on the hands and inhaling the smell.

Doing something as little as can have advantages. For example, there is enough evidence to show that inhaling the lavender essential oil can improve sleep patterns and help with managing anxiety and depression.

Secondly, the constant use of the lavender essential oil may even leave the room smelling beautiful all the time. Some people prefer sprinkling a few drops of the oil on their pillow before heading to bed. This is a proven way for better sleep.

Some of the other modern-day uses of the lavender essential oil are:

  • Healing wounds and burns
  • Slow the process of aging
  • Relieving headaches
  • Managing stress and mental health
  • Protecting against the signs of diabetes
  • Getting rid of acne
  • Improving skin texture and complexion
  • Relieving body pains
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Getting rid of headaches and migraines
  • Improving brain function

What Makes Lavender Essential Oil Different From Others?

The lavender essential oil is totally safe and gentle. Unlike many other essential oils, it can be applied directly to the skin. It is highly unlikely that a person will develop an allergy or a rash from this oil. It is also child and pet-friendly.

However, make sure to still do a patch test before using just to stay safe. Apply a little bit of the oil on the elbow to see if it causes any negative reaction before any kind of usage.

People who are suffering from specific health conditions should consult their doctor before using any essential oils. Even though the lavender essential oil is gentle, extra care is important and suggested.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to see their doctors before using any natural alternative or essential oils. Always remember, extra safety is always good!

What Are the Best Uses of Lavender Essential Oil?

You may get the best aromatherapy from one of the centers using the lavender essential oil or best spa treatment. However, you can get the benefits of the oil at home as well. If you cannot afford expensive therapies, it is not a problem.

Contrary to the popular belief, neither do you need fancy tools nor put in a lot of effort while using essential oils. Try the following ways to get the best of the lavender essential oil at home easily:

Make a non-toxic air freshener

The majority of the commercial air fresheners contain chemicals that are harmful to the health. What is the alternative to them? It is easy, use essential oils! The scent of lavender is almost universally loved. It is easy to make a lavender essential oil freshener.

You only need three things – lavender essential oil, water, and a spray bottle. Add 12-13 drops of the oil in water and add the mixture to the bottle. Spray it around the house. To make the smell long laster, try spraying on the sheets, pillows, and curtains.

Try a homemade perfume

Perfumes smell lovely and are helpful in staying fresh. But if you want to stay away from potential toxins and still smell good, you can create your own perfume using lavender essential oil. You can easily do this by applying the oil directly to the skin.

Doing this will also hydrate your skin and improve your complexion. Another way to do this is by combining lavender essential oil, water, and a carrier oil. It will create a solution that will last much longer. You can experiment by adding other oils like frankincense or cedarwood.

Beat your nausea easily

Motion sickness is a common issue. Many people who have it either take medicines or sedatives to stay asleep during the entire journey. What if you are not a fan of either? The scent of lavender essential oil can help you in this case.

If you want to beat motion sickness or nausea in general, trying rubbing some lavender oil on your hands, elbows, and neck.

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Prevent Sunburns

Hate getting sunburns and chapped lips after a good day at the beach? Lavender essential oil will help you. Not only can applying this oil heal the burns in a quicker way but also prevent them in the first place.

Mix the lavender essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Some good options are coconut oil and jojoba oil. Apply this mixture on your lips and the burns from the sun. It will also relieve the peeling and the itchiness on the burn spots.

Enhance the flavor of your tea

The lavender essential oil is actually edible and can be added to many foods for aroma. The best use of the oil in foods is perhaps adding it to tea. You will feel a hint of a different flavor and your tea will smell amazing. Make sure to use it in very small amounts. Mostly, you would not need more than one drop.

In addition, make sure that the oil you are using is 100% pure and from a good brand when using it in foods. Ingesting impure and low-quality oils may cause issues. Do not add the oil to your food if you are not completely sure of its quality.

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