Baking Soda Reported to Treat Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

Baking soda is very well known for a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It finds extensive uses in the household and personal care. Several lists are seen circulating online advertising the uncountable uses of baking soda. From cleaning your smelly fridge to draining that clogged pipe out, from making toothpaste and mouth fresheners to soothing the painful sunburns, from polishing silver flatware to removing those oil and grease stains baking soda is almost everywhere.

A recent study has discovered baking soda to be an effective fighter against inflammation and autoimmune diseases. The respective study was published in the Journal of Immunology. It explained that sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as the baking soda, is a powerful agent to create an anti-inflammatory environment in our body. It prevents inflammation and autoimmune diseases at the cellular level.

Autoimmune diseases occur due to the overreaction of the immune system. When the immune system attacks a body in error, diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease occur. These conditions are termed autoimmune diseases.

They were usually treated by suppressing the immune system and its reactions but this might promote cancer and other diseases in some cases. However, the use of baking soda provides a safer way to overcome such problems.

The spleen is a storage organ for macrophages and WBCs. Mesothelial cells, lining the spleen, activate these macrophages and signal the necessary immune response in case of foreign invasion. Baking soda acts on these mesothelial cells prevents false alarms that tend to exaggerate the immune responses and hinders the inept or overreaction of the immune system. It also activates the anti-inflammatory pathways which convert the macrophages to their less inflammatory versions.

A series of experiments were carried out employing laboratory mice with kidney problems. They were fed with an aqueous solution of baking soda for two weeks. The researchers found that baking soda mixed with water transformed the macrophages from a high inflammatory state (M1) to less inflammatory state (M2).

They then repeated the same experiment with healthy medical students. They were given 2 grams of baking soda in 250 milliliters of water. The students showed similar response with respect to the macrophages. However, T cells were also seen as regulated in the body to prevent the immune system from battling the healthy cells.

Renal Physiologist Dr. Paul O’Connor, the contributing author from Augusta University, declared baking soda to be an effective, convenient, safe and easy way to treat inflammation. According to him, baking soda doesn’t turn off or on anything in the body, it is just shifting the balance to a safer side.

Baking soda is also reported to help those with chronic kidney diseases. A study based upon two-year trials concluded that a daily intake of 1800 milligrams of baking soda supplement can help to treat patients with metabolic acidosis and chronic kidney disease. Two groups were made. One was the control group with standard care given to it and the other was the test group to be experimented upon. Fewer patients went on to develop the end-stage renal disease.

Moreover, baking soda has also been claimed for its potent use to help the immunotherapy drugs in order to attack the complicated tumors. Researchers have also found that drinking baking soda mixed with water helps to create a favorable environment inside the body for the therapeutics to attack cancer or tumor cells

Baking soda has long been known for its extensive uses addressing minor ailments but nowadays, baking soda has been reported to fight serious illnesses as well. However, a special care must be taken because the excessive usage of baking soda may lead to a series of unnecessary side effects that may be harmful to the consumer’s body.



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