Top 4 Anti-Acne Foods

Who doesn’t want clear skin free from acne? You would probably go to any extent to achieve that purpose. For certainly, pimples on the face disrupt the natural look on the face. Every year, people all over the world will spend millions of dollars on skin protection creams, lotions, washes, etc. In some cases, they do work. However, there will be times when your skin would exhibit no such effect. In that scenario, you would look out for other better alternatives.

Skin is the largest human organ of the body. You would now wonder why it is classified as an organ? It is good to know about things but this is a discussion of some other time! Skin, in addition, is the way a person presents him/herself to the world around. If you do not put in much effort to care about your skin, then you are well aware of the consequences.

Now two subsequent questions arise. First, what is that one thing that really affects the skin texture? Second, how do we get rid of that problem?

Anti-Acne Foods

If you haven’t guessed already, acne is one major skin problem! Everyone at some point in their lives might have faced this problem. In some cases, it goes away on its own while in other instances, you have to find viable solutions.

One common question dermatologist would often come across is about the foods to eat during acne problem. Yes, there are certain food items which, if eaten, can help overcome the problem effectively. According to research studies, such items are loaded with protein and low glycemic content.

This article will look into some of the common anti-acne foods you can include in your diet. It will highlight the benefits and the ways they can be eaten.


Kale belongs to the green leafy vegetable family. One rather less known fact about kale is that it is loaded with almost all nutrients the body needs. It contains ample amount of Vitamin A, B, C and K. Along with that you will find manganese, calcium and potassium in Kale. To add to the list of advantages, it is really low in calorie. A fully grown Kale will contain not more than 50 calories!

Why is kale good for the skin?

The answer is: simply that it contains a great number of antioxidants and vitamins. These nutrients provide a healthy texture to the skin by decreasing hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is what affects the skin tone. Apart from that, the vitamin C content is important for the production of collagen in the skin. It aids in the skin repair process after acne removal by promoting healthy cell growth.

Be very particular about including Kale in your diet. There are multifold ways of eating Kale. People would eat it directly or add it along with other salad ingredients. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then Kale smoothies are a good option too.

Sweet Potatoes

Research findings are now revealing the hidden advantages of sweet potatoes that were never known before. Recently, in a study, it was known that eating this item can be a great source of pain relief. Now, sweet potatoes are widely acknowledged for promoting healthy skin growth and removing acne.

Sweet potato has a high amount of Retinol present inside it. Retinol belongs to the Vitamin A category and is beneficial for eradicating acne and other skin marks. Furthermore, this vitamin A compound is a shield against a number of other skin related complications. It protects from skin discolouration and clogged pores. Retinol is able to sustain a healthy skin texture by warding off free radicals that can inflict considerable damage at times.

Although you do have Retinol creams available at drug stores, they are not always beneficial. Dermatologists strongly believe that there a number of side effects associated with such creams. Particularly, the young teenage group should make it a point to avoid using them.

Like with Kale, there is no hard and fast rule for eating Sweet potatoes. Yet there are a number of options you can effectively utilize. Eat them preferably at dinner times. You can have sweet potato either in fried or baked form. People may even make soup out of this food item.


You can simply not overlook the number of benefits berries have to offer. They are now considered to be among the healthies fruits that are present in the modern world. It doesn’t matter which berry in specific you eat. Be it strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or even simple cherry, each one of them is loaded with essential nutrients. If your skin faces problems due to lack of vitamin C then berries are what you need to eat. There are only few sources from where you can get good amount of vitamin C. Thankfully, berries are among one of them.

With regards to skin health, berries promote a healthy texture by overcoming the problem of skin blotching. The vitamin C content helps to regulate the blood circulation throughout the skin. The antioxidants, on the other hand, are a shield against dark spots. If you make it a habit to eat berries every day, nutritionist believe you may never get to face the problem of dark circles or spots.

The low calorie and cholesterol content just make the berry family the must included part of a dietary plan.

Berries can be eaten directly. People would though sometimes advise against because the taste might not be very pleasant. If that seems a problem for you as well, then there are other ways you can resort towards. Add berries in yoghurt to make the taste far more pleasant.


When talking about skin protection, you can not sideline papaya at all. It is that one food item that will help overcome nearly all skin related complications.

The enzyme, papain is what gives the food the beneficial property. It performs numerous functions but few of them are worth mentioning here.

Papain is able to remove the dead skin cells and unclog pores that give a bad texture. For people who frequently face the problem of acne scars, eating papaya happens to be the best way out. During winter when the skin starts drying out, this food is able to keep the skin hydrated. Now companies would manufacture skin washes, creams and lotions that contain the papaya extract. In addition, eating it daily can significantly reduce the occurrences of pimples.

You will find this fruit to be loaded with Vitamin A, B, C and K. Along with that healthy amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium will also be present.

People would generally prefer eating papaya directly especially those who live in Eastern Asia where the fruit is commonly grown. If not that, then you can make a smoothie out of it. Interestingly dermatologists would also recommend peeling off the outer layer of papaya to create a skin mask!

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