Is There Any Connection Between Vitamin D and Colorectal Cancer?- What Does the New Study say?

In one of our previous article, we discussed Breast Cancer and how, as per the new study, the chemotherapy for such cancer can be avoided. In this article, we are going to discuss another research which shows that how Vitamin D has been proven to be a vitamin which can help in preventing colorectal cancer from the body. The study was done by Journal of National Cancer Institute.

This study was published online on June 14, 2018. In the following article, you’ll learn what is colorectal cancer? And how, according to this study, intake of Vitamin D can be helpful in preventing the invasion of this cancer. 

What is Colorectal Cancer? 

Colorectal is that kind of cancer which first starts from the colon or the rectum, which is also known as cancer of colon or rectum.  

What becomes the cause of colorectal cancer? 

The growths, also known as polyps otherwise, are formed on the inside inner lining of the colon or rectum. After some years, these polyps can turn into cancer. It depends upon the kind of the polyp which may turn into cancer later on. Not all of the polyps change into cancer. The kinds of polyps are mentioned as follows: 

1) Adenomatous polyps (adenomas):  

Since these polyps have the ability to change into cancer, thus such a condition is known as pre-cancerous. 

2) Hyperplastic polyps and inflammatory polyps: 

Such polyps are actually common to find but these are not cancerous in nature.

Other than this, the other risk factors which may involve in getting colorectal cancer is that if the polyp is greater than 1 cm or if two or more polyps are found then the risk of becoming colorectal cancer becomes evident. Another condition, which is known as dysplasia, is a symptom of colorectal cancer.  

Dysplasia is also a precancerous condition, in such a condition, the cells look abnormal in the area of colon or rectum.  

What does the study say? 

The study was performed on 12,813 individuals and some other vital information was collected and taken from the previous 17 research studies.  

The studies showed that the intake of Vitamin D actually helps in preserving of bones and it does affect the health as well. However, it doesn’t actually prove that vitamin D can be helpful in reducing the risk factor of colorectal cancer.  

McCullough, however, added that Vitamin D surely plays some role in the case of women. Because the risk factors of becoming a victim of colorectal cancer in women were lowered who had the high level of Vitamin D. As much as this is weird and strange, the reason to this is still unknown.  

The study also declared that such studies don’t prove any cause and effect relationship between Vitamin D and reduction of colorectal cancer. However, such studies do prove that there can be a connection between the two.  

Another interesting fact to notice was that it was observed that the presence of higher levels of Vitamin D will not actually reduce the risk factors further. In other words, the high intake of it will not necessarily be helpful but can become harmful.  

Colorectal cancer can, however, be prevented if a person keeps a check on his diet regularly. Also, if the person actively takes part in physical activities and avoid alcohol or smoking which are detrimental to health.  

Rigorous activities can even be more helpful in preventing cancer. Also, a balanced diet can aid as well, especially by excluding red meat or processed ones. Since such diet isn’t really beneficial for health. Including fruits or vegetables can bring more benefits to health and can also help in reducing the risks of cancer. 


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