Sex during pregnancy- Is it safe?

First-time pregnancy can be a life-changing experience for women. As much as the couple feels excited about the future, there are a number of questions they might have. During the nine-month period, it becomes difficult to keep up with a dormant sex life. Because the general widespread belief is that pregnancy sex is not safe.

There all sorts of things to be heard: it hurts the baby, it will cause complications during birth process etc. However, gynecologists would argue otherwise. Now pregnant women do not have to worry about skipping sex. Rather, they can continue enjoying it as long as they want to!

Is pregnancy sex safe?

Contrary to what popular belief would argue, pregnancy sex is entirely safe. There are no associated risks or complications. It is completely harmless for the pregnant woman as well as the growing baby. In fact, according to one physician, it may actually be beneficial! Women who get to experience orgasm during pregnancy sex are able to induce the secretion of relaxing hormones. These hormones put the body at calm and aid in the smooth flow of blood to the cardiovascular region.

While you may resort towards pregnancy sex, but it is always better to consult a gynecologist first. If the doctor gives you a green signal, then you are good to go. In other cases, you might have to skip if he/she specifies the reason(s).

The takeaway from this discussion is that pregnancy sex is safe and there are no related harmful effects.

When to have pregnancy sex?

The answer is simple and straightforward: whenever the couple is comfortable and ready!

During pregnancy, there are different phases the woman goes through. At times she feels sexually aroused while at other times, not really. It is completely wrong to say that pregnant women do not feel any sexual attraction. All sex during pregnancy is safe and enjoyable if done right with consent.

What does pregnancy feel like?

You are now well aware of the fact that pregnancy sex is safe. The next question you will ask is: whether it feels any good?

Interestingly, it might actually be more pleasurable for women than in normal cases. The secretion of hormones during pregnancy leads to the vagina being less tight. This secretion also increases lubrication which makes the sex even more pleasurable. Collectively this leads to less pain during penetration.

On the other hand, some women have different opinions on how the sex actually feels like. They argue that due to the increased sensitivity of genitalia, the pelvic muscles become extremely tight. As a result of this, the pain during missionary penetration may be too difficult to bear.

Fortunately, the sex therapist has come up with their own propositions on how to deal with this problem. According to one, foreplay before pregnancy sex becomes even more important to instigate great sexual arousal.

Top Health Journal conducted an extensive study on how pregnancy sex actually feels like. The opinions of the respondents are mentioned under the following headings.

“It is easier to orgasm”

Quite self-explanatory due to increased lubrication of the female vagina. There are high chances of a greater number of orgasms during pregnancy. At the same time, they may also be easier to achieve. During the study, some women argued that they never actually orgasmed until they had pregnancy sex.  The secretion of hormones coupled with smooth blood flow makes it pleasurable for the women.

Yet there is one important thing to note. While it sounds amazing to have easier orgasms, that might not be the case during the entire 9-month episode. The female body goes through different hormonal and physical change which may interfere with the sex drive.

“Genitalia- highly sensitive”

The sensitivity of genitalia also increases during pregnancy. This actually leads to a high sex drive.

But why?

Because the hormonal change enhances the blood circulation throughout the body. The vulva, vagina, clitoris and pelvis receive an increased flow of blood. The result of which is a greater sex appetite.

Pregnant women have argued that arousal is so intense that it can be irritating and disturbing at times. A feeling of fullness in the vaginal region is also experienced during penetration because of this genital sensitivity.

Moreover, it is not just about the genitalia being more sensitive. In fact, the rest of the body may also feel this added sensation. The breasts may enlarge and get more tender which further enhances the sexual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The above discussion highlighted some important points regarding pregnancy sex. What you have is a positive picture of the situation altogether. Yet, your mind will still have inhibitions in the form of certain questions you want to clarify. This article will now try its best to answer these frequently asked questions in the best way possible.

Question 1: Can pregnancy sex cause miscarriage?

You have been wrongly told that pregnancy sex causes miscarriages. The two situations have no link whatsoever. A miscarriage results when the fetus is unable to grow and develop properly. This happens when the cervix happens to be extremely weak or incompetent. Sex has nothing to do with that. Rather, it actually helps with the labor.

It is pertinent to have only one sexual partner during pregnancy. Having sex with someone with an STI (sexually transmitted infection) can cause complications like a pelvic inflammatory disease.

Question 2: Is bleeding normal?

This is one other concern the couples might have about pregnancy sex. Is it okay to bleed after sex? Is it something that the woman should be particularly worried about?

The answer is; it is normal to experience a situation like that. The increased sensitivity of the cervix may potentially lead to bleeding at times. However,  if it has been frequent with excessive blood flowing then it is better to consult a physician.

Question 3: Can the couple try different sex positions?

Of course, they can as long as it is pleasurable. You don’t have to stick with one or two positions. You can enjoy a range of them keeping in mind what is comfortable for the woman. People will tell you all sorts of baseless things which you don’t need to believe. You are free to enjoy your sex life in any way you want to.

Question 4: When to start having sex after delivery?

Aim for a break of at least six weeks after the baby has been delivered. This time limit should be followed to minimize the risk of any complications (like infections). Then again, your gynecologist is the best guide you can have. He/ She will tell you when is the right time and how you should be proceeding with it.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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