Cardarine (GW-501516) dosage, benefits & side effects

Men who lift weights like to challenge their limits for lifting, performance and muscle development. But sadly, our bodies are not designed for bulked up muscles. So, after a while, it starts refusing to push any further.

This is when some people begin looking for outside help. Magic potions and miracle pills that can help achieve the body men desire without too much effect on the central nervous system, endocrine, and the reproductive systems.

Cardarine, also known by many other names, is nothing short of a miracle pill. The claim itself may sound unbelievable but in all seriousness, Cardarine is now one of the most widely used drugs by sports athletes for its miraculous benefits.

It enhances endurance, burns the fat that gets stored in the body and recovers insulin sensitivity that leads to enhanced protein synthesis. Hence, bigger muscles, better recovery, and reduced fat.

What is Cardarine?

Cardaine is originally formulated by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1992, and the drug was designed to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels in the body. One of the purported benefits was preventing and treating stomach and breast tumors.

Cardarine soon caught the eye of professional athletes and bodybuilders because of its ability to increase the metabolism of fatty acid. The effects, especially increasing endurance, were so profound, that the drug was banned from the professional arena, and athletes were effectively being tested for Cardarine use.

Cardarine, by no means, is an Anabolic steroid. But it does imitate and amplify the effect of exercise and recovery, developing the body for better lifts sooner than ever imagined.

It helps to burn fat even when the body is resting. And for an athlete, a bodybuilder or a marathoner, it works like running on nitrous. It provides an instant energy boost for a limited period of time and enhances peak performance like never before. But, instead of breaking down muscle, the body now burns fat for energy fuel.

How to use Cardarine

Despite all the great claims and reviews, it lacks extensive clinical studies on humans to ensure safe and long-term use. Most of the studies have been conducted on mice.

An average suggested dosage is 10 mg/ml once daily, and the effects remain for about 24 hours. So the user can either take the full dose an hour before starting a workout or sporting session or it can be divided into two doses for morning and evening.

Some professional weightlifters also suggest increasing the dose up to 20 mg in a day. But that should be the upper limit. Do not exceed this dose.

Authentically sourced Cardarine is exclusively available in liquid form and one can use the drop applicator to administer the liquid in their mouth and swallow with water or juice. A cycle may take 4 to 6 weeks to complete depending on individual goals.

There is much debate over the need of a PCT after a cycle of Cardarine. As a safety measure, users can continue with a very basic PCT for 4 weeks.

image taken from www.psychonomic-journals.org

What to expect after using Cardarine

Here are some of the direct effects of using Cardarine.

Fat Loss

Cardarine helps to increase the rate of utilization of stored fat for energy purposes. It improves the insulin sensitivity and reduces the output of glucose by the liver. The effect makes one look leaner and ripped.


Anyone on a cutting diet will not experience a dip in energy levels. Unlike stimulants that cause crash or jitters, Cardarine provides a consistent and manageable flow of energy.

Improved endurance

Cardarine increases the function of the PPAR gene that is located in the muscle fibers and leads to improved use of oxygen. It helps to recover faster with very minimal muscle soreness.

Bigger Muscles

A combination of multiple effects and factors in Cardarine allows better lifting in the gym. It may not be anabolic but it averts catabolism. Add a healthy diet with the precise ratios of macronutrient for a perfect recipe for muscle growth.


The user can use almost any compound with Cardarine without the risk of side effects.

Guidelines for Cardarine dosage

The daily dosage of Cardarine is between 10mg and 20mg. However, if you want to blast the fat off, 20 mg works better. Note that GW501516 has a half-life of around 16-24 hours when using 10mg dosage. So it is better to take 10 mg tablets twice a day, every 10-12 hours to maximize effects.

Research reported that there was no stagnation in the impact of supplementing with GW-501516. Many of its cycles last for 12 weeks and with a gap of 4-6 weeks in between. It shows that GW501516 is a rock-hard performance-enhancing supplement and it is safe to for long term. There is no post cycle therapy required at all.

A user can also combine it with other supplements; so far, there are no adverse side effects for this.

Is it safe for use?

As mentioned before, there has not been enough clinical research on humans. And the extensive research that has been conducted on mice has been positive.

But that hasn’t discouraged or stopped many bodybuilders, athletes and sportsmen from using it for the last 2 decades, and they all swear by its efficacy and claim it to be free of side effects.

It should be mentioned here that clinical research involving mice showed an increase in the instances causing colon cancer. But the administered dosage was extremely high and for an extended cycle. Under normal doses, it is safe to say that there are no reported side effects.

Side effects

There have been no significant side effects observed from the use of Cardarine for the last 20 years. Initially, there were concerns for risk of liver damage as well as cancer. However, numerous studies have proven these claims untrue.

The American Association of Cancer Research has also conducted diverse research with GW to ensure the safety of the drug. Research in 2008 concluded that Cardarine shows great potential in preventing the causes of cancer, particularly actively hindering the development of cancer cells in the human body.

Some studies have also shown reversal effects on obesity, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. Moreover, it can improve the state of androgen and testosterone hormone.

Is Cardarine legal?

The legality issues of using Cardarine highly depend on the usage scenarios. WADA has banned the use of Cardarine for bodybuilders and athletes because of its effects on performance. So, professional athletes should be aware of the risks involved in its use.

Technically, however, the drug is legal for sale as medicine or research chemical formula aimed at treating obesity and cholesterol along with other ailments.

Customer Feedback

“I have notable experience with Cardarine and I love it. I believe it is one of the most effective compounds I’ve ever used. I’m in the Army and applied for a special detachment, one of the requirements is handling 10 to 14km daily. It’s been a while since I did basic training and years since I ran.

I was struggling hard to go 5k straight on the treadmill, which took 40 minutes on the first full run. But then, within 2 to 3 weeks of using Cardarine, I was running 10k in 60 minutes. I’ve never progressed so quickly before. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants quick progress in Cardio.”

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Where can I buy authentic Cardarine?

Many manufacturers advertise and sell Cardarine or GW-501516. But just like most other SARMS, there is a high possibility that one might end up purchasing a fake product and harm them. So it is always recommended to purchase from trusted sources only.


Cardarine is largely popular and widely used among bodybuilders and athletes who desire enhancing endurance and building bigger muscles. For better or worse, Cardarine is one of the most adaptable, effective and result-oriented solutions available in the fitness world.

Particularly for its capability to be coordinated with many other additives. Aside from the lack of detailed research on the side effect, its impact on sporting events cannot be disputed.

For all its intended purposes, Cardarine works to eliminate adverse effects of androgen and testosterone, enhance energy, and develop muscles while burning fat from the body.

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