Morning habits you should leave immediately

You wake up in the morning and start off your day by scheduling certain activities you have in mind. These activities may comprise: having breakfast, going for a run etc. While some of these are healthy for you others, not really.

You will notice that if you are able to get a good amount of sleep, your day gets automatically better. You feel energized, refreshed and the day tends to go smoother. In other cases where you stay up late at night or get a minimal amount of sleep, the opposite happens. The point is: how you schedule your day has a great impact on your overall health.

This article will not tell you what you should be doing when you first get up in the morning. Rather, it will explore all those activities which you should be avoiding. What you may notice that some of them are so common that they become a regular habit. Either way, to stay healthy and fit, it is pertinent to stop doing them immediately.

Learn to say NO to Desserts

A fresh morning with a cup of dessert? Sounds appealing, right? Who wouldn’t want to start off their day with such a treat? However, now is the time to say NO to desserts in the morning.

Desserts do not always mean ice cream or cheesecakes. Though they are also not recommended, here the emphasis is on the everyday breakfast items. Pancakes with maple syrup, muffins, waffles, all are a big NO. What you need to know at this point is that they are loaded with a great amount of sugar. Though they appear really tasty at the same time contain a large number of calories. If you don’t plan on gaining weight, then learn to sideline desserts from your everyday breakfast.

In addition, these sugary items induce extra hunger. They may satiate you for the time being but can also lead you to eat more. People who rely on desserts for their breakfast find themselves craving for more food for remaining part of the day.

No need to be disappointed. You can still have them once in a while. That will do no harm. It becomes a problem when you make eating dessert items for breakfast a habit. If you are looking for alternatives, then you have those as well. Start off your day with a glass of smoothie extracted from fresh fruits. Treat yourself with a bowl of vegetable salad alongside.

Eat in regular intervals

The common saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have been hearing this thing for probably your entire life. That is true to a large extent. However, the point here is that you do not always need to follow the same breakfast, lunch and dinner pattern.

Now nutritionists tell you that intermittent fasting is a better option to consider. This practice means eating small portions after a certain period of time. You can find numerous ways of carrying out intermittent fasting. It really depends on your physical strength and what you need to achieve from it.

For a fresh start to the day, it is advisable to not eat until 16 hours have passed since your last meal i.e. dinner. Afterward, you may eat after an interval of 8 hours.

Intermittent fasting is becoming a groundbreaking discovery in the field of medical science. If you aim at losing weight, then for certain consider opting for this option. In addition, there are several other benefits you can make use mentioned as follows.

  1. Reduced inflammation
  2. Smooth circulation of blood
  3. Stable blood sugar level.

Morning workouts over evening workouts, always

No one likes waking up in the morning especially when it concerns going out for a workout. You would tell yourself that you are too sleepy and will exercise in the evening. However, are you aware that by doing so you are missing out on so much? Morning workouts are best for a healthier body and building up stronger endurance and stamina. You are more likely to burn calories at a faster rate by working out in the morning.

Physical activity early in the morning can boost your energy capacity. It is actually good for so many things including better and longer sleep. You also do now want to miss out on the fresh air you get to breathe during sunrise.

Evening workouts may help you lose weight but clearly, they are not always the best options. Professional trainers would argue that evening exercise makes you feel more tired. At times it also disrupts the normal sleeping pattern.

Yet be aware of certain things. First thing first, try getting up early as soon as the sunrise. Daytime, especially during summers, can be really exhausting. The weather in most cases tends to get really hot which can cause dehydration.

Drink Coffee, but with NO sugar

Now coffee is something a lot of people can’t live without. Understandable especially if you have a long day to look forward to. It helps you stay alert and remain focused on things. If you are a coffee addict, the first thing you would do after getting out of bed makes a cup of coffee. That is fine however do not add loads of sugar in that cup. By doing so you are actually causing yourself a great amount of trouble.

As with the case with desserts, coffee with sugar can cause you to eat more than necessary. You take in more calories and increase your chance of obesity and related illnesses. In addition, there is one other added disadvantage. Coffee that contains ample amount of sugar can cause severe palpation with an increased heartbeat. So if you want to avoid all of these complications, learn to say NO to sugar.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to that as well. You may continue to drink coffee but with some other ingredients. Add a few drops of MCT oil. The oil absorbs most of the calories and at the same time makes you feel full. This, in turn, prevents you from munching on extra food.

As a better substitute, consider using an artificial sweetener that is extracted from the stevia plant. Most of these artificial sweeteners contain aspartame which can be considered unhealthy for the body. As a result, it is better to make use of stevia extract.


Areeba Hussain

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