This New Instagram Trend May Affect Your Mental Health

If you are a social media lover, there are chances that you already know about this new Instagram trend. Did you see any blogger posting side-by-side images where the first image is an ordinary image?  The second image is the same but looks 100% better. The colors may be smooth, the skin may be auto touched, and the lightening may be perfect and all these things making the second image a super likable.

If you are wondering how is it a viral trend, here is how it works.

This trend is basically a promotion of Lightroom preset by Adobe. It predetermines the position for everything. Basically, it is an ultra-modern filter that anyone can buy online and download the app to the device. Many photography websites sell it and that’s where its fame starts.

What is this app?

The Lightroom is a next level editing app that many professional photographers use. It not only makes an image beautiful but sometimes it manipulates them without leaving a hit behind.

For example, by using this app, you can change a summer day to a fall afternoon, a clear blue sky to a cloudy day and what not. It can even change the color of your skin, eyes, lipstick and other.

As many of us are already habitual of heavily edited pictures that our media uses. No one can really ignore that all cover girls are perfect bodies, with a beautiful skin, white teeth, and perfect hair and body proportions, all thanks to editing.

But the social media was never as fake as professional cover shoots.  For example, the editing that many bloggers use is basic level and there is no professional touch up. Do you realize what happens when we start seeing the same level of editing on Instagram feed or Facebook feed every day? It’s like you are viewing pictures of someone’s fantasy world and not the real world.

There is a possibility that people do not really notice edited pictures when its someone that they consider an average looking person. All the expert tools that were once used only for the professional shoots are now becoming more and more accessible. Here comes a point where a person having zero knowledge of photography can also use to edit his personal pictures.

How is this trend affecting mental health?

This editing also raises a question from the standpoint that how we evaluate ourselves. It is usually a comparison with all other people because there is no obvious standard set. People normally compare themselves with how other people look like.

It means whenever a person watches a blogger’s photo and wonder why doesn’t he look like him, this is actually a comparison. People often compare themselves with people that they find very good-looking on attributes that are completely fabricated.

Coming back to this new social media trend, it uses professional editing to otherwise average photos and beautifies them. There are many levels of its editing, some of them completely change the reality.

Many bloggers find it perfectly fine to edit their pictures as it’s their business to earn through social media. There is nothing wrong in editing your pictures if you are not altering and concealing the truth. With this new Instagram trend, seems like many people are crossing it and that’s what makes it wrong.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine tells that spending more time on social media will make you lonelier. The researchers tell that an exposure to highly idealized representations of peers’ lives on social media may provoke the envious feelings and disbelieves. It usually gives an impression that all other people are leading a much happier and successful life than you.

Relating this study to this new Instagram media trend, apps like Presets can contribute to these envious and disbelieving feelings. It is time to realize that following such trends is causing nothing but harm to a person’s mental health. It makes a person highly insecure about how he looks. If prolonged, this condition may lead to social isolation, anxiety, and insecurity.

Instead of highly unoriginal images, appreciation and acceptance of body image work better. Be sure of what you are inviting for yourself by following people who support it.

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Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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