DXN Code Strike – Does It Work?

Updated February 2019: DXN code strike is not our recommended Testosterone supplement, Instead we recommend Maxx Power Libido

DXN code strike is an effective, powerful, natural, and capable booster for male sexual stamina. The product aims at improving the physical and sexual health of a male individual along with his muscular body providing him necessary energy to rock in gym and bed!

Sexual Intercourse is the basis for the continuity of the human race. Aside from reproduction, sex has numerous emotional, social, and intellectual benefits. Sexual activity is found to burn calories and fats. A study reported elevated levels of antibody-IgA in the blood of sexually active people.

The hormonal release during intercourse promotes better and restful sleep for both individuals. It lowers blood pressure and increases bladder control in women. It reduces the risks of prostate cancer and strengthens the immune system against various diseases.

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Any sexual disorder prevailing in any of the partners disturbs the sexual life of a couple. Talking about men, erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation are common disorders observed. They not only affect the sexual life of men but also damage their inner confidence and poise.

DXN code strike may present to men, a possible solution to their manly problems. It improves sexual stamina, the muscular mass, sex drive, and hormonal levels in males. Its natural ingredient formula makes men sexually active and physically fit. This supplement is used by many bodybuilders and athletes with an aim to acquire a healthy body.

The Working of DXN Code Strike

Testosterone is a primary male sex hormone. It is steroid in structure. It develops male reproductive organs. It also regulates the sex drive, muscle mass, production of sperms and fat distribution in males.

As men grow old, the level of testosterone ultimately falls. After 30 years, the average drop reaches up to 2-4%. However, in America, the decline in the levels of testosterone have been reported regardless of age and lifestyle. Following graph shows the annual drop in testosterone level among American males.

The drop in the level of testosterone poses numerous effects on the life of men. It may cause the destruction of their sexual organs. Low testosterone level may be a cause of lower sperm count and enlargement of breast tissues. It may reduce muscle bulk, increase body fat and disturb sleep cycle. Excessive drop in the level of testosterone may also promote the onset of andropause.

The working process of DXN relates to the maintenance of testosterone levels inside the body. It improves the sexual confidence and size of an erection. It also builds muscle mass, accounts for strong sexual desires. Poor blood flow to the penis is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.

DXN also enhances blood circulation in the penile region by the production of Nitric Oxide which under safe limits promotes vasodilation and improves blood flow. It also enhances the blood holding capacity promoting longer and harder erections.

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Ingredients of the Formulation

The respective formula is composed of natural ingredients, herbs, and extracts that are given as follow,

1. Horny Goat Weed

It improves focus and control. It enhances the energy level and promotes the development of testosterone. It also is known as natural Viagra.

2. Saw Palmetto

It improves blood circulation, energy levels and stamina of the organism. It keeps the individual physically and sexually active helping him perform well in gym and bed.

3. Gingko Biloba Extract

It is a very effective antioxidant. It purifies the blood and removes toxins from the blood. It enhances the sexual activities and capabilities of the organism.

4. Tribulus Terrestris

It strengthens and increases the production of testosterone. Its roots are effective for male vitality and virility. It also improves fertility naturally. It relaxes the smooth muscles and increases blood flow to the muscular and genital areas.

5. L-arginine

It aids the production of Nitric Oxide which enhances blood flow through the vessels. It promotes muscle growth by elevated production of growth hormone.

Benefits of DXN Code Strike

• Improves your metabolism rate.
• It works as a fat burner.
• Induces fast recovery of muscles.
• Progresses the testosterone levels in the body.
• It is also very supportive of the development of your muscle mass.
• Helps in mounting your focal point and sex drive.
• Promotes sturdy libido and increases your sexual desire.
• Helps in treating erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders.
• Enhances your energy and stamina levels and also helps in raising the blood circulation.

Side Effects Offered by the Product

The product is a composition of natural and organic ingredients. All the ingredients are claimed to be collected from the best of their sources and assembled under the supervision of qualified staff. Moreover, the product is claimed to be tested and verified at authentic and certified labs. Thus, no possible side effects are reported regarding the product. However, a general physician must be consulted before the consumption of the product.

Where to Buy the Product?

DXN is not accessible locally and is only available online on the official site of the product. It comes with a zero excuse 30 days money back guarantee. Different customers have rated their service to be good and quick. For the purchase, the customer has to register to the official site first and then place the order.

Recommended Dose

A single bottle of DXN code strike possesses 60 capsules, for one month supply. Two capsules are recommended per day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Keeping your body hydrated is a necessary condition so the capsule must be taken with plenty of water. Smoking, alcohol, and other unhygienic habits are proscribed during the course of consumption.

Limitations of the Product

The product must not be consumed by the individuals who are under 18. The product is only for male individuals. The regular dose must not be increased without the consent of the experts. The product must be stored in a cool and dry place, out of the reach of the children. The product must not be accepted if the safety seal is damaged. Expiry date must be checked before consuming the product. Moreover, the product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent any kind of disease.

Final Verdict

This dietary supplement is claimed to be a natural and effective formula. It is asserted safe to use. It is formulated to improve manhood with the aim of promoting happy relationships. It is claimed to be certified from authentic labs. Owing to no possible side effects, the product could be consumed without any fear.

However, a doctor or physician must be consulted and the overall health of the individual must be accounted for, before the consumption of the product. In case, the individual is already on some regular medication or is diagnosed with any deleterious disease the product must not be consumed because of the anticipated cross-reactions.


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