Detox Bath & Common Cold

Winters are here and so are all the medical problems that come along. For sure, this season is a way of escaping the summer heat in the best way possible. Yet, this time is not always as pleasant as people presume it to be. If you don’t care enough about yourself then you put yourself at a risk of a number of complications.

One common complaint you will get to hear is about having a cold. A situation in which your throat becomes inflamed causing a sore throat and a runny nose. The problem can be pretty difficult to deal with at times. The symptoms may become severe to the extent where you might need to see a doctor.

While there are numerous ways to treat a cold, not all are friendly and advisable. Particularly, the synthetic way of treatment may have associated side effects. Faced with such a scenario, it is pertinent to look for better alternatives in the form of natural methods.

Now research statistics have shown that a common cold can be treated with a detox bath. Yes! All you need to do is immerse yourself in. The research is ongoing and results have revealed interesting insight. This article will shed light on whether detox baths can actually be effective in treating a cold.

Detox Bath

The first question you would ask is: what actually is a detox bath? Is it a bath with detox drinks poured in? The answer is both a yes and a no.

Detox baths have been known to be effective in ‘detoxifying’ the body. That is it removes harmful toxins that you might have present. In such a bath, a variety of ingredients are poured in to maximize the benefits that will be yielded.

In the first process, a good amount of Epsom salt (scientifically called magnesium sulfate) is added. The process is then followed by adding ginger and other herbal oils. The water is kept at a warm temperature. Immerse yourself for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum length of 1 hour. Doing so can be effective in overcoming some of the symptoms of a cold. People who followed the process reported being relieved of pain and muscle aches. The results were positive for a large chunk of the population. Yet some people did not exhibit any sort of meaningful change.

Are detox baths effective in treating a cold?

You now know how to make a detox bath at home. It is easy to follow the process and doesn’t even have a much economic cost. However, the real question you would ask now is whether these baths actually work? Are they always effective in treating the symptoms of a cold.

It is difficult at this point to give one certain and final answer. The reason is that studies that have been conducted are few and are still ongoing. From what is known, the baths can be effective to a large extent. If the cold has been causing muscle soreness and other body aches, then this process can be effective. Even your cough and runny nose will tend to improve as well. What you need to ensure is that lavender and chamomile oils are must include in the bath. These herbal oils have the healing property and can be effective in treating the symptoms.

The Epsom Salt experiment

Dr RH Waring at the University of Birmingham conducted an experiment to check for the accuracy of detox baths. The bath contained Epsom salt as the main ingredient. Around 20 people volunteered for the experiment who belonged to different age groups. Among the sample population were people who were inflicted with the common cold. They faced symptoms like muscle soreness and aches.

The findings of the experiment explained why detox baths can cure the symptoms of the cold condition. The salt present was able to raise the levels of magnesium in the body. Magnesium is an essential nutrient our body needs. It is able to discharge off an excessive amount of lactic acid that might be present in the muscles. When this lactic acid gets disposed of, the soreness and aches considerably lessen. This, in turn, leads to the relaxation of the muscles.

Detox bath & fever

Fever is one other associated symptom of a common cold. Research studies have suggested that detox bath can actually help to lower the body temperature. This will help cool down the fever.

There are however certain things you need to keep in mind. Unlike with a normal detox bath, for treating fever you need to change the temperature a bit. Keep the bath at somewhere between 27 to 30 degree Celsius. Aim for a lukewarm bath which is not too hot.

Avoid immersing yourself if your fever makes you feel dizzy or extremely weak. If you find yourself shivering then get yourself out! Shivering is a way the body tries to overcome the cold by raising the body temperature. Shivering can actually worsen your fever!

How safe are detox baths?

A detox bath is a natural way of treating the symptoms of a cold. For this reason, it is generally considered to be safe. However, your doctor would advise you best judging from your condition. Some people are advised against immersion in detox baths. These people include pregnant women, underage children and people who have kidney problems. IF your kidneys are not working properly, an excess buildup of magnesium in the body can be harmful. It is always preferable to keep yourself hydrated before and during the detox bathing process. In case, where you feel unconscious or at unease, do not hesitate to pull yourself out.

Preparing a detox bath at home

From the above discussion, you may be eager to know the recipe for a detox bath. The bath you can easily prepare at home. While there are a number of ways to prepare, there are general recommendations you can follow. These recommendations are mentioned in the following table.

·       Start filling up your tub with warm water. Add a few drops of coconut and lavender oil. This will give out a good aroma.
·       When you think your tub has filled enough, add 2 cups of Epsom salt. The cup should be normal sized. When done with this process, start mixing the solution. Use either your foot or hand to dissolve. Be careful as the temperature at first might be too high to bear.
·       Add few drops of ginger oil and finally immerse yourself inside


As mentioned earlier, the bath should range between somewhere around 15 to 60 minutes. Repeat the process once or twice every week. If you do it often, then your body might be at risk of skin infection and dehydration.

Note the results after every immersion. If the symptoms seem to improve then you may continue the process in the future.


Click to access report_on_absorption_of_magnesium_sulfate.pdf

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