Facts About Carbohydrates to Surprise You

The body requires carbohydrates regularly for energy and nutrition. Carbohydrates can be classified as two main types which are whole carbs and refined carbs. The whole carbs are considered as good fats while the refined ones are bad fats. It is suggested that we take half of our daily nutrition from carbs while it is also said that carbs are the reason for causing obesity.

What are Different Types of Carbs?

The good carbs are slow ones which take longer to enter the bloodstream. The bad carbs are also termed as bad fats as they will enter the bloodstream very fast and cause the blood sugar levels to rise. However, it greatly depends on an individual’s requirements if he needs carbs in the diet. There is absolutely no harm in consuming carbs if they are taken in balance.

Good Carbs are Whole Carbs

The whole carbs include vegetables, fruits, legumes, potatoes, whole grain foods, and fiber-rich foods. These carbs are the healthiest in every form as they keep blood sugar levels in balance. Good carbs should be consumed regularly to balance the system and prevent many diseases. It is good to consume fresh vegetables and fruits like kale, potatoes, spinach, carrots, apples, bananas, lentils, peas, walnuts, peanuts, oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and chia seeds.

Bad Carbs are Refined Carbs

The refined carbs include all processed and sugary items which peak blood sugar levels such as sweet beverages, pastries, white pasta, white rice or candies. The added sugars in foods are of no good for the body as they are worst carbohydrates which result in different diseases. Refined foods are never a recommendation for a healthy diet plan as they give peaks to sugar levels and may be the reason for Diabetes.

We should be well aware of the bad carbs as those foods are a part of our diets now as children like to eat such unhealthy foods very often.

How to Choose Right Foods?

The right choices include fiber-rich foods with less sugar content and starch. The main purpose of eating carbohydrates is to get energy from foods while the fibers are not the source of providing instant energy. The fibers tend to dissolve in the friendly bacteria to produce fatty acids.

The low carbs are life-saving for diabetic patients as they have blood sugar peaks on regular basis. Whenever someone wants to lose weight, it is recommended to restrict carbs. Although this cannot be stated that obesity is caused by carbohydrate consumption.

It is better to eat fiber-rich bread instead of the regular white bread we take every morning as that is not providing enough nutrition.

Harms of Eating Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates can make you unhealthy because of the sugar levels that upset your immune system. So, it can be said that refined carbs can be taken as long as you take then in control.

Moderation can save you from many health risks as the lifestyle is not enough to balance our meals these days.  Our unhealthy lifestyles include foods that are bad for heart, cholesterol, and diabetes. Also, we do not have any physical routine nowadays to help the body consume calories effectively.

We are so fond of chocolates, ice cream, candies, fast food, and all the junks nowadays that it is damaging our health. People should be aware of the facts about nutrition in food so as to save yourself from malnutrition. The immune system is prone to health risks as there is no resistance in the body to prevent illness. While carbs may be healthy for some people, it may also cause risks to those already suffering from diseases.

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