How to Read One Line Pregnancy Test?

Every pregnancy is different. For a woman who is trying to conceive, the confirmation of pregnancy is unimaginably exciting. If you are one of them and can’t hold the suspense, try using a home-based pregnancy test kit. This home pregnancy test is a common method to detect a pregnancy right after a missed period. Remember that a missed period doesn’t always indicate a pregnancy but it is always a good idea to try the home-based test.

Note that a pregnancy test can be very helpful in determining whether you are pregnant or not. A one-line pregnancy test means no pregnancy whereas two lines mean positive chances for pregnancy.  Sometimes, a faint line also appears that means there is a chance of pregnancy, it may confuse a lot of women. Here is how to read a line based pregnancy test.

How to Read One Line Pregnancy Test?

A home pregnancy test is a very accurate way of telling if you are pregnant. Home pregnancy test strips measure the amount of Hcg hormone in urine. The strips should be used early in the morning to have the most accurate results or else you might have to repeat the test with another sample.

The one line on the test strip is the indicator line of the test and the second line is for hcg presence. When implantation is successful, the hormone hcg is produced which can be detected soon after a missed period. However, some company manufacturers claim to detect pregnancy even well before the missed period date.

What does a Faint Line on Pregnancy Strip Mean?

The pregnancy strip may show a faint line as a second line on the test. Although there are more chances of the test being positive in such case, it is still recommended to repeat for confirmation. A faint line is often an indication of low hcg values in the urine sample which may be because it is diluted or may be too early to detect enough values of hcg.

One line should not be confused with the second faint line as they both may indicate different results. One line pregnancy often may be disheartening for women waiting to get pregnant. The faint line may, however, give high hopes that you are pregnant.

How to Read Two Lines Pregnancy Test

The two lines indicate a positive pregnancy test which ensures that there is enough Hcg hormone in urine. The two lines are indicative of the fact that embryo has been implanted in the uterus successfully which starts the release of Hcg in the urine sample.

The test strips have instructions on the pack which should be followed for accurate results. Wrong use of the test strip may also give you inaccurate results as the test is designed to show result only if correctly used. Some women may have struggled in getting the second line as there is nothing you can do it is not meant to happen. While other women get a positive test line each time they try.

How to Get Two Lines on a Pregnancy Test?

The two lines on the pregnancy is an indication of pregnancy. This may be a result of having relation with your partner in the right time frame. The timing may not always be a factor as it varies from woman to woman. Also, women take fertility medications if they are having difficulties in getting pregnant The fertility medications aid in ovulation which is necessary to get pregnant.

Moreover, it is recommended to utilize the days of expected ovulation by timing sex. This may help you know if your system is responding or not. Having positive pregnancy results is a blessing which should be rejoiced as it is not always so easy to get that.

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